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General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Abbreviation MP
Forum [1]
Colors Blue, white
Founded May 16, 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Norsefire
Succeeded By Nationalgardet
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

MarknadsPartiet [MP] was a Right-center Liberal Party of Sweden.

The party officially started May 16, 2011 by C. Nilsson and Dante N. The party reached top 5 when they merged with the remainings of Norsefire. Despite its small size, the party was very active during its time.

During its first months the party used a different party ID, but when Norsefire became inactive, the members of MarknadsPartiet moved to their ID (3019) in order to get more member.

In December 2011, the party was merged with Partiet and Nybörjardemokraterna, and recreated Nationalgardet.

MP Party Manifesto (Outdated)


Marknadspartiet believes that the most crucial component of the New World is the economy. With a good economy, building a great country is a walk in the park – and that is exactly what it aims to do. It believe in an environment which allows all individuals to flourish and evolve and provides the opportunity for Swedish citizen to create an empire and compete on the global market.

MP believes in an English-speaking rule for both government and congress. There should always be an English-speaking community, so that everyone can participate and have access to important information and news. Because of this English is spoken, almost exclusively, on party forum. There is always an English version of all government publications.


Marknadpartiet believes in a low tax pressure, where companies easily can buy the goods they need – without the government interfering. Government should still have the financial means to maintain necessary institutions – such as the military. Every citizen should have the ability to survive on their own, without charity from the government. That said, there should still be some charity work to simplify the life of newcomers.

MP believes that because the relationship between gold and SEK is an "internal matter", this is not a problem. As long as the relationship between the SEK -> gold and gold -> SEk does not become too large this will not affect the internal market.

Military and ”Försvarsmakten”

In order for a country to have sufficient military competence, you need a number of players forming an elite – this is not an issue in Sweden. However, due to rather limited population there is not get enough citizens fighting in total. Better use our resources, and better orders to citizens outside TSM – in order to get everyone fighting in the right places.

Sweden has a good military, but with lacking communication. This needs to change, to prevent both the government and citizens from wasting resources on unimportant battles.

Foreign affairs

The problem with expanding, and conquering new terrain, is that you need to put an increasing amount of your military force on defense. This limits further expansion, since the offensive force decrease. By creating a country where citizens are allowed to flourish and expand on the economical side, new citizens will be attracted by appeal, rather than by force.


Beginners policy is mainly directed to helping new companies, and therefore in time helping Sweden. Each new citizen needs the opportunity to create and run a company, and through guides and charity this vision could become reality. Ppolicies do not solely appeal to company owners. Food program is designed to help all Swedish citizens below lvl 20. Hundreds of pieces of food have been distributed, to a great number of beginners – entirely funded by MarknadsPartiet. There is a military program, handing out both food and weapons during times of war – also privately funded by MP.