Mitch Sheppard

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Mitch Sheppard

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 1374
Date of birth 14 June 2009 - Day 572
Date of death August 20009
Residence Alberta
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mitch Sheppard was a loyal Canadian resident since his birth in June 2009. Starting in British Columbia. Within a few days he relocated to Nova Scotia to help in the training war effort against Ireland, as directed by the Canadian Government. As war with PEACE broke out he moved to Alberta for the Q5 hospital there.

He has center left, libertarian views. Proud bearer of the Maple Leaf, he believes in Canadian military and economic geodominance. He joined the Democratic Action League, but after a won election by the DAL got bored of the party and joined the Canadian Empire Party as his views turned more radical.

He began his professional career at Angelic Grain, a company based out of Manitoba. He moved onto Gi Inc Oil Q2 for better pay after 9 days of working at his old job. Gi Inc Oil is based out of Newfoundland and Labrador. As his skill level rose he then joined Green Field Grain.

Mitch has joined the CAF Reserves for further help into the war effort. He aspires to become a military tactician for Canada.