Morten C. B

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Morten C. B

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Nationality Flag-Norway.jpg Norwegian
Date of birth 26th September 2009
Date of death Spring 2010
Residence Sorlandet
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Morten C. B was a citizen of Norway, who resident on region of Sorlandet.


Morten C. B emerged on 26th September 2009. With a strong passion for tactics and politics this citizens career path is set for a Armed Forces directed goal. Though Morten expressed his thoughts on pursuing a political career once his fair share of sweat on the battlefield has been spilled. As Norwegian citizen, his sense of patriotism and belonging to Norway surpassed everything else.


Morten C. B was a member of Nytt Demokrati.


The Open Source is a Norwegian newspaper established on the 3rd of October 2009 (day 683 of the New World). Issued in English, the newspaper takes on both internal Norwegian affairs as well as international. The newspaper is owned by Morten C. B.


Morten C. B, entered the army on his first day of 26th September 2009, and quickly advanced through basic training. As Norway was at war with Russians at the time, who had occupied Nord-Norge, Svalbard & Jan Mayen and Trondelag, as well as UK closing in, his will to fight for his country and fellowmen grew stronger and stronger. Finally, on 30th September 2009, he earned his rank as Private in the Norwegian Army, and joined the battlefront at Vestlandet against the British. Fighting a total of 5 battles in one day, though the lack of quality weapons and sanitation, he proved himself worthy and advanced one level.

Conflict zones participated


Morten C. B was employed at "Sort Gull Skur".

Personal quotes

 De kjempet, de falt, de gav oss alt.
Eng. They fought, they fell, they gave us everything
 Alt for Norge.
Eng. Everything for Norway