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Ollie Chase

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 326
Date of birth 20 October 2008
Residence New South Wales
Senator of Victoria
June 26, 2009 – November 25, 2009
Military unit Australian Army Reserves | AAR Platoon 4 Papa Squad
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ollie Chase was born on the 335th Day of the New World. Born in Victoria, he faced a crisis when he discovered his home nation of Australia had been annexed by Indonesia. Luckily for Ollie and many other Australians, Australia was soon released and returned to the Australian citizens. It faced crisis in its first few days when the Government system broke down leaving the state without a president and without a congress. With this, the minimum wage was far too high for successful business to set up and Ollie, along with many other newer citizens began to starve. Wellness levels dropped dramatically during the crisis.

When business's came around Ollie spent his time struggling to get into a company that would make use of his land talents but since it was early days, work was hard to find.

Eventually work came to the Nation and Ollie managed to set up a moderately successful newspaper known as the Southern Times. After much writing, Ollie found an article offering a Senior Executive position in Eureka Holdings. Having always held an interest in business management he naturally took up the offer. He was aided by the fact that the CEO of the company was experienced and willing to aid Ollie in any way possible.

Ollie Chase also previously ran the organisation 'Tear Corporations' which existed as a body to allow the private ownership of companies by Ollie Chase so resources could be better allocated. In the later days the organisation acted as a storage account before being dissolved.

Political Activity

Ollie Chase has a slight struggle when it comes to politics. He waited a long time before even joining a party. In the end he joined the ADSP but he still only maintains a small amount of activity in the party. He was seen very little in the political scene and his first bid to become a member of congress was unsuccessful with him only receiving 2 votes in his attempt, not enough to become a member of congress. Quite a few citizens believed Ollie would receive a few more votes but this was not the case. In June 2009 Ollie was successfully elected as an ADSP Senator, representing the state of Victoria, and was successful in holding this position in the subsequent months of July, August, September and October of 2009 as well as one other senate term that is unknown


Ollie Chase formed the newspaper Southern Times about the same time Australia gained independence in late 2008. His early articles were often short and contained very little in the way of information. After a while, his articles were more informative and were getting information from more reliable sources.

After writing for a while, Ollie decided to start running Surveys. These surveys were rather successful and provided something to do for the bored citizens of Australia. However, around December 2008 Ollie stopped writing during his period of inactivity for 3 months. When he came back he posted a story or two but decided that they were not the kind of articles he wanted to write, eventually moving back onto news. Ollie began to experiment with various techniques of presenting media and tried to form projects like the M.I.P (Media Improvement Project) but they didn't kick off the ground. They did inspire some in the Media to improve the quality of there articles but did little to extinguish the flame war at the time which had been one of Ollie's major goals.

The Periods Of Inactivity

There have been multiple periods of inactivity over the years


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 3x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 6x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 3x Super Soldier