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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

The initiative is the ability to attack in a war. Initiative is gained when a nation launches an attack, and is lost when the nation is currently fighting a defensive battle.


In the eRepublik war module, it states that nations cannot attack when being attacked. In 1 on 1 wars, gaining the initiative is one of the most important steps to winning. A nation with the initiative in a conflict cannot lose regions, and will not lose any gold, properties, or regions from losing battles. Weaker nations with the initiative can in theory fight stronger opponents forever and stave off defeat.

Gaining the Initiative

To gain the initiative, the defending nation must use one of 5 methods:

One:Retreat-Attack: Retreat-attacking means retreating a region and attacking it again. This is usually only performed on regions that are of no value in eRepublik, having no infrastructure or resources which could be lost in the event of its conquest. Retreat-Attacking is the only way to gain the initiative if a nation is only being attacked in its original regions and has no foreign allies in proximity to any regions of the enemy nation.

Foreign Intervention If a nation allied to the defending nation attacks the attacking nation, the attacking nation loses the initiative. This requires a foreign ally which has a border with the attacking nation.

Double-Dipping Double dipping is the act of having 2 open battles in a single region at once. Usually this method of gaining the initiative is done by resistance war, due to the fact that the easier foreign intervention method would be available in the event of a bordering ally. When the resistance war is started, the president of the defending country will allow the resistance war to win over the conquest war with the enemy. This will return the double-dipped region to its original nation, which can then be annexed and the initiative can be gained.


Arguably the hardest and most costly method, Walling is the act of making a 'nation wall' in between 2 attacking countries, separating their borders. This is difficult because it requires one nation to take a large amount of the defending nation's territory, possibly destroying infrastructure in the process and temporarily alienating companies. In order to wall, the 'waller' nation will either region swap the bordering selected regions with the defending country, or the president of the defending country will region swap using resistance wars if the waller is unwilling to cooperate. This is usually followed up by a declaration of war on the waller nation (if using the resistance war method, as in the region swap method, a war would already be open) and an annexation of said territories, followed by a quick attack on the former attacker.


Re-warring is the act of making peace with a nation, then declaring war on it again. This requires the attacking nation to accept peace, which can be difficult to achieve.