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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

In eRepublik, any citizen can exchange any currency for Gold or other currencies. Citizens with level 15 and above (or are below level 15 and have purchased gold - not including Gold Offers) are also able to exchange Gold for other currencies. They can do this action by accessing the Market tab in the main menu and then the Monetary market button.

Note: You can only receive a maximum of 10 GOLD per day through monetary market or donations.

In the top section you can see the currency you are buying and the currency you are giving in exchange.

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  • Clicking on either the Buy or Sell buttons will open a drop-down menu to choose the currencies.
  • The amount you own from each currency selected at the moment is displayed on the right.

By default, the page shows all exchange offers between Gold and national currency for the country you are in. The page will list the offer with the lowest exchange rate first.

You cannot exchange between 2 currencies unless you possess accounts of both. When you move to another country for the first time, an account of that country's national currency is automatically added to your profile.

  • Note: Each currency is referred to as an "account". In order to open additional accounts, post, then immediately remove, an offer for that currency. This will open a new "account" for that currency, viewable upon reloading.

How to Buy

  • Insert an amount to buy (the value will contain 2 decimals)
  • Push submit button

Pushing Buy will open the text: Buy (amount) (selected currency for buying) for (amount2) (selected currency for selling)? OK/Cancel. Where, amount is the value inserted in the value from the Amount to buy field.

If you click OK, an information message will appear: You have bought (selected currency for buying) for (amount2) (selected currency for selling) and the money will be transferred between the two accounts. The offerer receives an alert after the transaction is over. Clicking Cancel closes the text frame.

  • If the total cost value is greater than the value in your selected account you will receive the following message: You do not have that much currency in this sell account. Please choose a different sell account.

Post new offer

Lists only a line with the new offer that has the same fields (except Amount to buy) as all offers but with editable Amount (two decimals) and Exchange rate fields (three decimals). Also, will have a button called Update instead of the Buy button.

  • If the selling value is greater than the value in your account, the following message will appear: You do not have that much currency in this sell account. Please choose a different sell account.
  • If the selling value is lower than the value in your account, the following message will appear:

The offer had been saved successfully! It will appear on the market in a minute!

Posting an offer will temporarily deduct from your account the amount of the currency you sell until you update or remove the offer.

You can remove or update your offer anytime by accessing the Show my offers (link).

Special Notice: the offer you post on the monetary market will automatically be erased after 5 days (120 hours) and you will receive an alert: "Your monetary exchange offer consisting in [value posted in the offer] of [currency1] at the exchange rate of 1 [currency1] = [offer in currency2] has expired and the money has returned into your account. Visit again the monetary market to post a new offer. ".


Speculation on the Monetary Market is a method used to increase earnings beyond that which can be obtained through working every day. It is inherently risky so should not be attempted until a thorough understanding of the market is obtained.

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