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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Justinious's V1 Productivity Calculator was actually a Larger Business Script under production to aid both employees and general managers.

Upon completion, the Program is expected to calculate employee productivity for any industry to an accurate and correct amount. Produce statistical, economic, and Accounting Based Formed to aid the Gm in running his business. The information supplied on these forms will include, but is not limited too, Profit/loss, Company Gross/net Worth, Company Debts, Company Daily Pay out, Company Productivity, Recommended Selling price, recommended employees, and the Quick Wiki form.

  • Language :: Python 2.5
  • Programmed On :: Mac OS X 10.5.5 /// Universal
  • Language :: English
  • Destination Operating Systems :: Win/Mac

Justinious's Productivity Calculator LITE

Open Distribution of this version is now available upon request, and on the eUSA forums.

Possible BETA Release Date

 Due to a Fatal Program Error beyond my control BETA Release has been postponed indefinably, I am sorry, but until this unknown issue is resolved no further progress can be made. To further worsen the situation, this error is caused with no known reason and only occurs on computers other than my own. 

Hopefully by Wednesday October 30th 2008

Hopefully by Monday October 27th 2008

  • Private ALPHA testing has begun. on Monday the 27th 2008

Final Developments

Taken as Justinious wrote them on the page:

  • Raw Materials are a pain
  • Everything seems to be moving along smoothly. The Functions aren't having any bugs, and the files are coming out nice. They still look ugly, but I don't know any way of exporting a nice looking .rts from python. We should see things speeding up from here on. 10.25
  • So I have decided to use a shelve module DB style to store the data in a semi-persistant mode in a .dat to keep track of everything. I will change this in a later version probably, but it will improve functionality greatly to get this finished.10.24
  • Well, it seems that almost all of these functions are hard to work out while not having the load function so i have moved that up on the list of things to do. 10.23
  • I have realized it becomes increasingly annoying and redundant to have to retype the same employee information for every report when the data has not changed at all. For this reason the program will now have you "create" a company profile upon using it the first time.
  • This will allow the program to access the globals found in the company profile, and also serve as the saved data of the file for future use.
  • The Company Data will be a static file, but I'm thinking of having a way of keeping that data for future use. for comparison analysis, and profit/loss projections, and maybe some cool graphs.


Taken as Justinious wrote them on the page:

  • Either my calculations are really off or the need for RMs is absolutely astronomical. By my Alpha testing of my own (Q2 Gift) company I am going to need around 10k Q1 RMs per month
  • I'm not really sure how I am going to export this to people. I have never been able to successfully create a .exe or .app from a python script. So I am really worried about coming to that spot and being stuck, but hopefully it'll work out.
  • There appears to be no current program that goes from mac2py2exe which is more or less what i need, but needless to say this may be a delay it will not be a significant set back in the long run.
  • If anyone can give my any advice on this or can help me with it. Please let me know.
  • I was having problems with the save/load db function, but all is better now :D

Productivity Calculator Functions Outline

Company/Employee Calculator Script outline.

Employee or GM
  • DONE
Beta Formula
V1 formula
V1 formula enhanced or 'detailed' results version
Create Full Company Profile ;; Used for Save/Load Function
  • DONE
With or Without Projection Analysis ;;
  • -


Create Financial Reports
Profit/loss Analysis ;; Needs data from a previous period so does not work at the moment
  • -
Pay analysis
  • DONE
Minimum Wage
  • DONE
Productivity Ratio
  • DONE
Custom Wage/Ratio thing
  • -
  • DONE
Company Worth
  • DONE
Estimated Company Income
  • DONE
Create Management Reports
RM Management Forms
  • -
Employee Management Forms
  • -
Stock--Price Management
  • -Export Suggestions
Checks the exchange rate and import taxes of each country to find the most favorable one.
Create Special Reports
Create Easy Wiki Report
  • -
Comparative Analysis Forms ;;
  • -
Edit Company Data ;; A faster way is still just to throw out the old data and start over, lol.
  • -
Note: - means it was never done.

Addition Schedule

New Features in Order of Importance (aka what will come first). This was never done unfortunately.

  • LOAD Function
Create a separate function//segment of the program after the file has been "loaded". A company must first use the Complete Company Form to get a company load. Then have it read the lines and assign that data to the needed variables for both comparative analysis and for time sequences such as tracking of net profit/loss over a week or month and the flow of stock.
  • GUI Overhaul
Make it look nice. With easy to read menus, a few graphics, etc. This will probably take a lot of coding to change from what I have now and the GUI markup that needs to be added.
  • Auto Sync with the Erep servers.
This one I'm not looking forward to, but it needs to be done, and will make everything else that this program does a lot easier for the user. This will also make the tracking of a companies progress much easier. The plan will be to have the program make a dated copy of the companies info every time the program is run and then that can be graphed, calculated, and displayed in almost real time. So the more often they use the program the more accurate their results will be.
I honestly know nothing about APIs and the like, but I think I will look into this area and see if I can add that to the program. Perhaps allowing users to withdraw and invest money in companies to their liking? Or maybe just as a nice donate button to me ^_^ lol.
  • Market Analysis
Basically this is once we have full scraping of the erep servers a function will be enabled to give the user the amount of companies in every industry and quality and their current stock and prices. This will then be evaluated by the program and give estimates and advice on what type of company to start.
  • Organization Management
Basically Instead of running each company as separate entities, this final functionality (probably around V4 of the program and V2 of erep,lol) would take an organization and manage it, instead of an individual company. The prospects of this are rather limitless and very beneficial.