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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Orthodox Church of eRomania
Logo of Orthodox Church of eRomania
Owners Dozzer x (Patriarch)
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Founded November 2009
Founders Ciprian97, Kiri II
Industries Guvernamental organization
Services charity services, cultural campaigns
Colours green
Website http://ebor.hi2.ro

The Orthodox Church of Romania (Romanian: Biserica Ortodoxă eRomână) was a social/charity organisation based in Romania. It has been founded in November 2009 to provide the citizens of Romania and Moldova with food, gifts and weapons.

After the in-game organisation was disbanded in 2011, the Orthodox Church has continued its work through the personal account of Dozzer x for some time.


The Orthodox Church was founded in November 2009 as a response to the eRomanian Church's inactivity and failure to sustain its campaigns. The Church started with weekly articles and a Q1 food company which was later upgraded to Q2. Providing food to citizens in need, the organisation quickly gained popularity.

In the summer of 2010 the Church gained a Q2 gift company and grain and diamonds companies. The Church started giving out gifts along with food in weekly programs. In April 2010, Ciprian97 was banned and therefore the Church went into a short period of inactivity when it was taken over by Dozzer x, who still serves as the incumbent Patriarch of the Church.


In the history of the Orthodox Church, there were only two Patriarchs:

  1. Ciprian97 – November 2009 - April 2010
  2. Dozzer x – April 2010 - Unknown

In its history, the leadership consisted of different people which together formed the governing council of the Church, the Holy Synod. When the Church went into a downfall in 2011, the Holy Synod was abolished and Dozzer x, the Patriarch, took over as the sole coordinator of the Church.

The ones who were members of the Holy Synod held various titles such as Metropolitans, Archbishops and Bishops.


Before the dissolution of the in-game organisation, the Church used its newspaper, eLumina, to provide weekly cultural and charitable campaigns to the citizens of Romania and Moldova. The charity consisted in the donation of various food and gift items to the ones who commented in the articles.

After the dissolution of the in-game organisation the Church donated items through the account of its Patriarch, Dozzer x, to various newcomers in Romania, mostly picked from the IRC room of a Romanian military unit, Garda Nationala.

Economic activity

The Orthodox Church of Romania managed various companies throughout its history:

  • eBOR ~ Pâine – Q2 food company
  • eBOR ~ Cadouri – Q2 gifts company
  • eBOR ~ Bilete – Q1 tickets company
  • eBOR ~ Grâu – Q1 grain company
  • eBOR ~ Diamante – Q1 diamonds company

Most of these companies were dissolved during eRepublik Rising, with the rest of them being dissolved gradually until the in-game organisation's dissolution in 2011.

After the dissolution, the economic activity was managed on the personal account of Dozzer x, holding in the name of the Church various FRM and food companies which are used for food donations to newcomers in Romania.

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