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The Pakistan Armed Forces, came under official existence on 3rd of April 2010. When a complete plan was presented and the military was organised. Pakistan Armed Forces have ceased to exist and were replaced by Pakistan Army and SSG.

Akodo Setai upon running for Country President for the 14th term, decided it was best for it to become operational again though not in its former glory.

Pakistani Armed Forces

Pakistani Armed Forces.png

In order to Defeat all evil in this World

General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Total Soldiers 18
Commanded by Akodo Setai

2010 structure

Old logo of the Pakistani Armed Forces (Urdu: Pakistani Fauj)
Old logo of the Pakistani Armed Forces

Command Structure

Each Military needs to create a chain of command, within its force. People signing up is a different thing and people getting organized into proper working groups is another.

Chief of Pakistan Armed Forces

A position which is not political and purely soldier based. Individual appointed to this position should be the soldier and not political vocal activist. He was the head of Pakistan Armed Forces. He was under Minister of Defense and advised Minister of Defense and Country President on Strategic Security Matters and was making sure Armed Force is performing as per required standards.

Council of Corps Commander

This included Six Corps Commanders (Field Marshals) who were in-charge of Six Corps of Pakistan Armed Forces. Head of the Council was the Army Chief.

Military Spokesperson

This was the voice of the Military. The ideal person for this position was someone who loves Military Adventures and also has a love for writing regularly in media about Pakistan Armed Forces.

Recruiters & Trainers

These were appointed people in the Military whose sole job was to make sure that every citizen was recruited into the Army and are getting trained. Their job was to bring new people into the Military Program and to make sure that existing people are actively participating in military-related missions and training.

The Six Corps of Pakistan Armed Forces

Dio's Royal Guard

Soldiers who were the best in the ranks of Dioists. They had the honour to be part of the Dioist Royal Guard. Dio Royal Guard was equal to military Corps and was the most selective Corps in Pakistan Armed Forces. Being a practising dioist was a prerequisite for this.

Special Services Group

They were the best Trained Soldiers. Their main objective was to do quick and strategic attacks in a war on Pakistani Soil or across the world. This Corps only included soldiers who were ready to move at any time when called and had no political engagement (e.g. Congress Member, Party Member etc) to worry about. They were Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals and Icon General.jpg Generals.

Punjab Corps

This was Pakistan's Best Corps for defensive purposes. The main purpose of this corps was to act as Pakistan's first line of defense. This Corps included Citizens with Ranks of Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals, Icon General.jpg Generals & Icon Colonel.jpg Colonels. Also the Secondary tanks.

Sindh Corps

This was Pakistan's Second Best Corps for Defensive Purposes. They were a secondary line of defense. They included the ranks of Icon Colonel.jpg Colonels, Icon Captain.jpg Captains & Icon Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenants.

Frontier Corps

This make up most of soldiers. Ranks included Icon Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenants, Icon Sergeant.jpg Sergeants and Icon Corporal.jpg Corporals.

Balochistan Corps

This was a Training Corps for younger and new players it was mainly made up of Icon Corporal.jpg Corporals & Icon Private.jpg Privates.

The table below lists Pakistan's Military Division/Corps.

Badmash Youth

Badmash Youth was the newest wing to train newbies and make them into a good fighter for the country. It was established by Shahrose Khan, a citizen historically described as a true patriot and a philanthropist. The military unit was disbanded after the demise of its founder.

Indigenous nameLogoUniform
Baloch Corps.jpg Baloch Corps Baloch Corps Uniform.jpg 23rd March, 2010
Frontier Corps.jpg Frontier Corps Frontier Corps Uniform.jpg 23rd March, 2010
Punjab Corps.jpg Punjab Corps Punjab Corps Uniform.jpg 23rd March, 2010
Sindh Corps.jpg Sindh Corps Sindh Corps Uniform.jpg 23rd March, 2010