Partido Guardia de la Noche

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Partido Guardia de la Noche

Party-Partido Guardia de la Noche.png
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation PGDLN
National rank 2
Website Web-GDLN
Newspaper Desde el Muro
Forum [irc= #GDLN @ Rizon]
Colors Black
Founded January 2012
Members 122
Congress Occupancy 9/40 seats, 23%

Partido Guardia de la Noche (PGDLN or GDLN) is a Game of Thrones-themed political party from Spain, founded in January 2012.

Partido Guardia de la Noche main objective is the integration of new citizens into the New world, in an atmosphere of camaraderie where Their opinion counts from day one.

Its ideology can be summarized in the following points:

  • PGDLN doesn't have a real life ideology.
  • PGDLN's main objective is to educate and help the new players, so they grow stronger and wiser.
  • PGDLN is a deeply democratic party. All important decisions must be discussed and voted and every member has the right to take part in the process.
  • PGDLN always tries to make the best decisions for the sake of Spain and its people.

Throughout its history, PGDLN has been one of the most successful Spanish parties in terms of Congress Elections and it has achieved several country presidencies.