Partido Popular Socialista

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Partido Popular Socialista

Party-Partido Popular Socialista.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
Abbreviation PPS
Website [1]
Forum [http:/ PPS Forum]
Colors Red
President Xicohtencatl el Joven
Members 44
Congress Occupancy 3/40 seats, 9.38%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido Popular Socialista is one of the oldest active political parties in Icon-Mexico.png Mexico. When Mexico was conquered in June 2010, it ceased to exist under ID 1542 and re-appeared in June 2011 under ID 3522.


PPS wants to help each other to create new entrepreneurs that work for the people.


Established in November 2008, the party was nothing special. Their founder Elyaz was party candidate on presidential elections between December 2008 and May 2009, with a couple of times ending up second, but only because other parties didn't put other candidates up.

Party started to get its traction in July and August 2009 when supported went to Eisenhorn to prevent political takeover of the country. A major success was achieved when long term party president Xicohtencatl el Joven won the elections in April 2010. However, Mexico was run over in June 2010 and the party ceased to exist.

In June 2011, the party appeared again when Drako Yang renamed his party L o L into Partido Popular Socialista[2][3]

Icon position party president.gif Party's Presidential History

Note: Actual eRepublik's API DATA was used for the preparation of certain part of the List (most of 2008-2010 era).

Party President Avatar Period
Elyaz Elyaz.jpg Nov/08 - Dec/08
Elyaz Elyaz.jpg Dec/08 - Jan/09
Elyaz Elyaz.jpg Jan/09 - Feb/09
josluigi Josluigi.jpg Feb/09 - Mar/09
josluigi(*) Josluigi.jpg Mar/09 - Apr/09
josluigi(*) Josluigi.jpg Apr/09 - May/09
Seache Seache.jpg May/09 - May/09
Popelus Citizen1067232.jpg May/09 - Jun/09
Skepticus Skepticus.jpg Jun/09 - Jul/09
Skepticus Skepticus.jpg Jul/09 - Aug/09
Skepticus Skepticus.jpg Aug/09 - Sep/09
Xicohtencatl el Joven Xicohtencatl el Joven.jpg Sep/09 - Oct/09
jonathan garcia Jonathan garcia.jpg Oct/09 - Nov/09
Audrey Gally Audrey Gally.jpg Nov/09 - Dec/09
jonathan garcia Jonathan garcia.jpg Dec/09 - Jan/10
Orlando Maldonado Orlando Maldonado.jpg Jan/10 - Feb/10
Xicohtencatl el Joven Xicohtencatl el Joven.jpg Feb/10 - Mar/10
Xicohtencatl el Joven Xicohtencatl el Joven.jpg Mar/10 - Apr/10
Xicohtencatl el Joven* Xicohtencatl el Joven.jpg Apr/10 - May/10
SegundoBocadillo 4622353.png May/10 - Jun/10
Party didn't exist Unknown Person.jpg Jun/10 - Jun/11
Drako Yang Citizen1932972.jpg Jun/11 - Aug/11
TarenR Unknown Person.jpg Aug/11 - Oct/11
Edith Citizen1602433.jpg Oct/11 - Nov/11
Drako Yang Citizen1932972.jpg Nov/11 - Dec/11
Edith Citizen1602433.jpg Dec/11 - Jan/12
(*) Didn't show any presidential candidate for the party, in this case the current President continued in the Presidency (this it's presumed, and was write that way).