Partido de Excelencia Peruana

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Partido de Excelencia Peruana

Party-Partido de Excelencia Peruana.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Peru.jpg Peru
Abbreviation PEP
Colors Red and White
Founded June 2009
President AidenAstrup
Members 72
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido de Excelencia Peruana is a political party in the South American country of Peru.


Foreign Policy

Any country that is not in South America will not be deemed an ally before they exemplify their kindness. They believe that allying with the United States of America and other powerful nations in Europe and Asia is not a good idea and will not propose an alliance with them unless they demonstrate their goodwill and trustworthiness to the Peruvian people. Nor do they believe that they should ally with the PEACE Global Community. The Partido de Excelencia Peruana wants Peru to be an individual country, free from the chaos of alliances that have consumed such a large portion of this world.

Economic Policy

The Partido de Excelencia Peruana promotes lowering the minimum wage to 1 PEN to help keep costs down and increase job availability for new players. Companies currently will not offer jobs at 0 skill because it is too costly.

Organizations geared to help the Peruvian people will be introduced to the economic sector as well. The party also plans to have a low tax rate to help encourage new citizens to move to Peru and to create a steady but profitable growth of Peru's new economy.