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General Information
Country Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Founded 20 December 2007 Koroush
Dissolved  ?
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Supporters
Ideology congress=

Pasargad was the first political party in Iran that was completely fully Iranian (see Iranian history to understand why this is important), at this moment the party does not exist anymore.

Party Mission

The first mission of the party was: "Together we will build and protect our glorious country Iran. We will protect it from the enemies wanting to take over this beautiful nation and we will together bring it to Rank #1"

Party Leaders

  • Koroush December 20th - March 20th
  • Bluefalcon March 20th - April 20th
  • Throne4naik April 20th - Resigned
  • BILLY_Mgs ? - ?
  • saeedkuchulu ? (Appointed by BILLY_Mgs) - August 10th
  • Don Kian August 10th -
  • Agent X ? - ?


The party originally dissolved when Koroush stepped down as party leader March 20th 2008. After that, the party took new ways and strategies and lost it's original touch.

However it is unknown when the party completely disappeared from Iran.