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Polish Independence Agreement was a treaty signed before Polish Independence War between Icon-Poland.png Poland and their current (and the moment of signing) overlords - Icon-Sweden.png Sweden on 14th September 2008.


CP of Sweden

Leader of PSF, signing in the name of Polish nation

  1. This treaty is concluded between the Swedish state, represented by President Flammbar and the Polish nation represented by Popolo, whom Sweden recognizes as the leader of the Polish people
  2. By this Treaty, the High Contracting Parties establish an obligation of granting Polish independence and the rules of a close cooperation between Sweden and the recovered Poland.
  3. Sweden declares to grant independence to Poland as soon as the Fight For Freedom module is launched and the Polish nation accepts this gift with profound gratitude.
  4. The recovered Poland will consist of the originally Polish regions; Pomerania, Little Poland, Mazuria, Great Poland, Mazovia, Silesia.
  5. The granting of independence shall be conducted by declarations (act of authorities) but if the admins do not allow that, the granting of independence shall be conducted by coordinated real actions by the Swedish state and the Polish exile government.
  6. Sweden and the recovered Poland shall have a Mutual Protection Pact and a Trade Agreement of 0% import tax.
  7. This treaty cannot be rescinded. The penalty for breaking this contract is Icon - Gold.gif 500 GOLD.

Signing process

If in agreement, please write the word SIGNED next to your name

(this document is only given writing-access to the following people: )

citizen country status date position
Popolo Icon-Poland.png Poland SIGNED 14/9/2008, 14:30 New World Time Leader of PSF, signing on behalf of Polish nation
Flammbar Icon-Sweden.png Sweden SIGNED 14/9/2008, 14:28 New World Time CP of Sweden, signing on behalf of Swedish Congress