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Vincent Truglia joined the game on May 17th 2009. Like many other newbs he was not sure how to start. He kept doing his daily two-clicking tasks until he was able to fight. Once he reached level 5 he joined the 12th platoon in the National Guard where he trained. After a while of just fightig in war games and working and training Vincent decided to join the United States Workers Party.

It was there that he really started to become active in eUSA life. With the USWP's endorsement for Congress Vincent was on the fast track now. He won in a very tight race against the incumbent from the Libertarian Party, Mjdiv. But in the end Vincent won by only 2 votes. Mj was an excellent senator, very cordially congratulating Vincent and offering any help a new congressman might need. The next day Vincent moved in to his office in the congressional threads. And started his work in the 19th Congressional Class. (More...)