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Ratnici eSrbije

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Training with us is priceless

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Total Soldiers 689
Commanded by Ankesenamen Ra
2nd bernoldi_salieri
Commanders pantod
Part of PVJ

Training with us is priceless.

—Ratnici eSrbije, Serbia


Ratnici eSrbije (Eng. eSerbian warriors) was founded on the 751st day of the new world.

This military unit was founded by a group of people who were the backbone of the Workers brigade Barjaci, which was lead by Ljubodrag Srpkovic. Due to a disagreement in the way the past unit was lead, a large part of the troops from the Workers brigade decided to form a new military unit, Ratnici eSrbije.

First commander was digitex21, other prominent members of the fellowship were Vuk01, demokrata, Watrogasac Nesa, Davorche13, Paja030, qele, djole993, Pera_D_Vind, brufen, TeyaBG, Vicovac, nikolapn, kobra90, Mileta, acovj, Morbid Brutalni, Sasa55555, bernoldi_salieri, Dzoni Vendeta, Green Dragon and others.

The unit, like most military forces in Serbia at that time, tried to set up a system and method to provide funds for infrastructure. It was divided into six lines and each line had its corporal, recognized by colored letters which were written into the chat. They competed with each other to build a positive spirit in the unit.

Because only acovj knew the IRC commands well, Ratnici eSrbije used channel #aco as a military unit channel on the mibbit server. They stayed on that channel until the whole population of Serbia transferred to the rizon server. From that period on, they began to use the channel #ratniciesrbije.

The famous anecdote The Legend of kitm, or how it was made Knight Pinki was created on channel #aco.

The first avatar of Ratnici eSrbije looked like this

Also in the period of founding the unit, the MU website was created, http://ratniciesrbije.webs.com/, where the soldiers could find all the information about the unit, hang out on the forum, follow daily orders and all the other things they needed for the game.

In the period up to the introduction of the v2 version of the game, the unit noted an increase in the number of members. On the 768th day of the new world, the unit had 73 members which were divided into 7 regiments. Each regiment was lead by one squad leader and a deputy. The first companies of MU were built from donations of members[1]. At the same time, the moto was created, which is held until today, "Training with us is priceless”.

Before the fall of Liaoning, the introduction of the new changes and the unlimited wellness pack, a large number of members, guided by the general mood in the society of Serbia left the game. Among them, some prominent members of the unit. There has been a crisis, caused by the transfer of many important members of Ratnici eSrbije like the demokrata, to the other formations. The unit did not function for a short period, but it soon consolidated and Ratnici eSrbije came to life again.

In late 2010. there was another major crisis. The first commander of unit, digitex21 and most of the command withdrew and in their place comes a new lineup of young and inexperienced soldiers. Lady, Pati Saijic becomes the leader of unit. The rest of new command were Isaile, RatePV, acovj, Hromoplast and bernoldi_salieri.

Then came a fundamental reorganization of the unit. The introduction of the new system and work method which worked primarily on the transparency of the unit. The table of the financial condition of the unit was introduced, the code of behavior. To put it simply the customs which were applied since the beginning unit are codified. It was tended toward the financial independence of the unit and the building of their own factories in order to be eligible to enter the refund system. Very quickly, q5 armoury was built, which opened the door of the refund system to the unit. In this way, the foundation for further development was laid. The unit entered the refund system in September 2010. This was followed by recruitment, which helped the membership to grow again and a new core of players was created.

The period after the arrival of Pati Saijic was marked by fantastic work by the command and all members, in the above aim. All of them have donated currency, spent hours in the game in order to build the unit and create a cult of Warriors. They have become one big family.

In that same period, following the changes of administration, the Bazooka squad came to life. Serbia was in crisis, there was a lot of talk about throwing away the damage. Action by coolinbun had a lot of influence on the unit command in deciding to attempt to introduce a similar practice in the unit and to contribute to the combat readiness of the state. They succeeded in doing so and proudly point it out. The Bazooka squad has become an indispensable part of the unit. The Squad was engaged in all the important battles of Serbia, from development until today. Some of the actions were taken:

The unit command was also rejuvenated. Past commanders who served were; sever_vetrovnik, pbelic, markombs, ankesenamen ra, Milica Mima, Lejkan, VCR Srbija, Manijak7. Some of them are still part of the command today. Mid 2012. there is a third shift at the head of the unit. Pati Saijic is replaced by her deputy bernoldi_salieri. During this time big work and commitment are taken to establish a system of organization in the unit so not to allow turbulence during the shift in the unit ’s command. The leaving of Pati marked the end of an era for a generation of the unit, people who matured during the famous baby boom, and people who laid the foundation of the unit.

A refreshed command led by bernoldi_salieri continued on the trodden paths of his predecessor’s to build the unit.

Considering the unit had become economically independent, the field was ready for the long-awaited Academy. Although always done with young players, the condition for membership was deliberately decreased to a minimum never before seen. The unit did not have enough resources to commit to the establishment of a strict selection of young talents. Future warriors

(Ratnici in Serbian) which will illuminate the cheek of Serbia and refresh the blood of unit.

The Academy, it might be said, came in the right time for Serbia and this unit since the players are divided into 4 divisions and the Academy of Warriors covers the first two. It can be said that the unit closed a circle and became a serious factor on the military scene. Through Academy gained more than 50 new young soldiers.

The Academy has spawned a new generation of a unit, which now forms the backbone of the command and leads the unit with experienced warriors and veterans.


The membership in the unit consists of soldiers who are on the Military Unit list. The unit currently has more than 250 members. Membership is divided into regular members, commanding officers and members of the Academy.

Regular members are soldiers belonging to 3rd and 4th division. Members of the Academy are soldiers belonging to the 1st and 2nd division. The command staff consists of the commander, the deputy commander and a captain. Currently, commander is Ankesenamen Ra who replaced bernoldi_salieri.

The Academy consists of 25 players from division Icon division 1 blue.png and Icon division 2 blue.png. Emphasis was placed on the activity of players and members can only be active players if they come every day to impacts. The command keeps track of the presence during impacts of academics and every 7 days performs a cross-section and draws out presence statistics. Those academics who weren’t present for at least 50% of impacts lose their daily ration of 10 q6 tanks for the next one month, but they have the option to continue working in unit companies and come to the impacts, where they will receive q7 tanks for the wellness they have at that moment. Other information about the organization can be found in the units code.

Religion of military unit

The story about the church of saint Bernoldi, started by accident. It can be said that it was the destiny induced by positive energy and parody on current political situations in Serbia at the beginning of 2010.

first believer and Patriarch Nixon

It was the time when Desert Hamster claimed himself for an emperor. Bernoldi_salieri, at the time an inexperienced, young player and a new corporal, sees that in some newspaper and says: “if he is an emperor I am God then”. And then the joke starts in warriors channel on that subject. The joke continued for a few days, then weeks with people greeting him as a priest. At the same time, an important battle with Croats for Lika and Gorski Kotar took place. The whole Serbia was on their feet following the battle at 4:30 am on the full channel with everybody waiting to push the “fight” button. But, FIB is tanking by himself and solves the battle alone leaving people bored waiting. Everyone on the channel was silent, providing less and less themes and getting sleepy. Bernoldi was reminded of a video he had watched earlier on youtube and started talking about that in great detail. People were awakened with disbelief waiting for him to post the video. But by mistake, when he selected the link to copy on the channel, he caught only “vuj” and posted it... The channel went silent for a few minutes, people didn’t know what it was. Then a joke on his account started and from the crowd spoke Razor777 “let it be VUJ”. And mass spam started on the channel. Everyone came to life like that. In the next few days, the first baptism spontaneously occurred and the church acquired the first believer and Patriarch, Nixon.

After that, the writing of articles started, baptisms were performed and over 50 people, mostly warriors(Ratnika), became members of the church. The whole eRepublik was spammed with characteristic greetings from saint Bernoldi’s followers. A group of believers started to preach the faith among various chat rooms, in the units with messages, shouts and comments in the newspapers. Today the church exists in Poland and Serbia, it counts around 70 members. But according to the church's list, there are over 3 million believers, and 2.7 million of them are naked nuns. VUJ has become one of the characteristic greetings off all warriors.

Here are some photos of baptisms and consecrations from the channel:

Politics in military unit

Politics in the unit is permitted in the sense that each member may be a member of any political party, PTO team or to act within a ministry. Politics is not allowed on the channel unit or feed. Seeking votes, members and talking about politics is not tolerated and will result in the appropriate sanctions.

Almost every government of Serbia had at least one minister from the unit. The biggest mark, in Serbian political sense, was left when Pati Saijic was the minister of defense, Sever_vetrovnik the minister of foreign affairs and Hromoplast the ambassador and member of the ministry of education.

In United Arab Emirates, few warriors lead by Bernoldi_salieri for almost a year has overseen the Political takeover group “razbojnici” and left an indelible mark in history on this country. The group spawned 3 presidents in the Emirates from the line of the unit, Bernoldi_salieri, BrankoCZV, Tangula. Most of the warriors amongst “Razbojnici” were Congress members.