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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Icon - Moving Ticket.jpg Moving tickets can be purchased and used with a citizen or organization for moving to another region or country. (Not mandatory for moving.)

Last Rising version


Moving ticket has two components: paper and itinerary. The paper determines the health change during a move. Itinerary gives ticket its moving distance. The higher itinerary is, the longer your move can be.


Moving Ticket Moving Distance Health gain Total health loss
Icon - Moving ticket Q1.png 1 1 4
Icon - Moving ticket Q2.png 2 2 3
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png 3 3 2
Icon - Moving ticket Q4.png 4 4 1
Icon - Moving ticket Q5.png 5 5 0

Moving distance

When buying a ticket you must take the ticket's moving distance into consideration. You can see the minimum moving distance a moving ticket requires to move to the region by going to the Change Residence page and choosing the target region.

Effects to health

You will lose 5 points of health when using a moving ticket, but every ticket will compensate some of the loss.

Health = current health - 5 + ticket health increase


Moving tickets cannot be produced anymore.