Slovakia-Czech Republic War

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Slovakia-Czech Republic War
Map of Slovakia-Czech Republic War
Date 10 April 2008 –
13 April 2008
Location Europe
Result Slovakia annexed
Territorial Changes Slovakia annexed
Fights 34
SlovakiaSlovakia Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Battles Fought 5 (Czech Republic 5 vs Slovakia 0)
Fights Won Slovakia 7 vs Czech Republic 20
Draw Fights 4

The Slovakian President declared war on the Czech Republic without the consent of his own people. At first the war seemed to be going in their favour, however the war declaration backfired and eventually their forces where turned back resulting in them losing all their region to the Czech Republic.

Slovakian War

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Duration: April 10th - April 13th (3 days)
Aggressor: Slovakia
Defender: Czech Republic
Total number of fights: 34
Fights per day: 11.33
Battles: 5
Result: Czech Republic sweeps all five battles and annexes Slovakia.


In the first war in eRepublik that was not started with the intention of annexation, Slovakia declared war on the Czech Republic. Both of these nations were very small with neither nation having more then three regions and the war proposal only passed 2-1. The Slovakians said that they wanted more land and that they did not like the Czechs so they decided to go to war with them since they were also their weakest neighbor. However the Slovakians did not count on the Czech receiving international support.

Due to the small population of Slovakia a few Pakistani soldiers came over to fight for the Czech. They were small in numbers but they were able to fight back the Slovakians. Although this war almost had twice as many fights then the Belgian annexation most of the fighting came in the first day in the region of Moravia where there were 24 fights. After that the fighting died down and the pakistani soldiers were the last ones standing and we even saw the first “Peaceful battle” in Eastern Slovakia where there was not a single fight, the winner was simply the first to press the secure region button.