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We come one.

General Information
Country Flag-Cyprus.jpg Cyprus
Access policy Open
Total Soldiers 30 (12 active)
Commanded by Mst Splinter
2nd Commander Makis Kouklentes
1st Regiment Captain L30n4rdo

TSOGLANS is one of the largest and strongest military units in Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus. It was started by Robius (now known as Mst Splinter), around day 2478. The exact date is unfortunately lost, but it is known it was created from a unit named GuardianS.

Chain of command

Known commanders of the unit:

Active soldiers

Besides the leaders of the unit, the following soldiers are active and doing damage on a weekly basis. The number before the name symbolises the regiment number and they are sorted by the maximum damage they do:

  1. 1 Rauf Raif Denktas
  2. 1 Domnul Bogdan
  3. 2 Cas3y Jon3s
  4. 1 RapHa3L
  5. 1 Maya_The_Bee
  6. 1 Mich3lAngel0
  7. 1 e3Magaza
  8. 1 depici jr.
  9. 1 xWing31x

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