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Determination charts

The charts are more or less unusable, here's a screenshot to show the problem:

The upper chart says, that there is a determination close to 6 after 200 days whereas the chart at the bottom says, that there is a determination close to 5 after 200 days (of course it's getting lower by the time)

I've asked support for assistance and created a ticket, here's the response:

Possible solutions:

  • Add a notice that these charts are not representative
  • Create new charts (which aren't representative too, but at least the determination error could be fixed)
  • Try to deduce an own formula from the ingame values (any mathematicians here?)
  • Remove them

More opinions are welcome, but at least we should change something here as it just causes confusions in the current situation. (Master rg (talk) 00:17, 20 January 2016 (PST))

@Master rg: It took three years, but solved! --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 10:08, 1 March 2019 (PST)