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Complex.png Complex template

The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template

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{{eLink}} is a template easily allowing to create links to the game by their IDs. For adding links to laws, please check {{eLinkLaw}}.



Linking possibilities

You can use this template to link following pages withing eRepublik by adding one of the following words as the first parameter:

  • citizen: link to the citizen profile
  • organization: link to the organization profile
  • profile link to the citizen or organization profile
  • newspaper: link to the newspaper
  • article: link to the newspaper article
  • party: link to the party page
  • suspended: link to the suspended party page (leads to the reason why did party got dissolved) / please note that if you use this link and the party is not suspended, it will be written that party was suspended for breaking the rules of the New World although that is not applicable. So use it only for the suspended party pages!
  • war: link to the war details
  • battle: link to the battlefield
  • unit: link to the military unit profile
  • update: link to a game update
  • city: link to the city page
  • country: link to the country profile
  • region: link to the region page
  • post: link to post
  • unitpost: link to military unit post
  • partypost: link to party post
  • company: link to company presentation page
  • land: link to someone's land

Number is the ID found from the URL (a many-digit number in the URL, ONLY NUMBERS).

link to country page requires the country name link (found from URL of the country page) - not country ID; name link to be used as is in-game.
link to region page requires the region name link (found from URL of the region page) - name link to be used as is in-game



April 2011

  • Fixes for economy/forum subdomains

October 2013

  • Organization correction

November 2013

  • Update added

February 2015

  • Battle link corrected
  • Post, unitpost and partypost added
  • Forum and topic corrections
  • Example list updated

May 2015

  • Company removed from the list; they don't exist anymore in the game as they did before
  • Land removed from the list; impossible to access
  • Country linking corrected
  • Example list includes all of the possibilities

May 2017

  • Adding link to {{eLinkLaw}}
  • Minor styling to the usage

December 2018

  • militaryunit is NO LONGER IN USE - unit should be used instead!
  • city and region added / description for them added in April 2020

October 2020

  • Link to the suspended party page is possible now via eLink
  • Corrections to the documentation - replaced dead links