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Complex.png Complex template

The code of this template is really complex, please use your sandbox before editing this template

This is a template for pages regarding Military Units


  |id= <!-- Use only if in game military unit. -->

  |access policy=
  |recruitment rank=



  • name - The name
  • logo - The logo
  • id - The id of in game military unit (last number if military unit profile URL)
  • motto - The motto
  • access policy
  • required rank
  • general - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • formation - The date of formation
  • disbanded - The date of dispansion
  • country - The country it is based
  • region - The region it is based in
  • colours - The colours of the unit
  • military - Type 'hide' or 'show' for automatic showing the section or not
  • soldiers - The amount of soldiers
  • controlledby - Leader of the army
  • 2ndcommander - Any 2nd commanders in the unit
  • captain - The elected Captain of the unit
  • partof - What the unit belongs to
  • division1 - What belongs to it.


  • division10 - What belongs to it.


|name=British Army|
|motto=Be The Best|

|formation=25th January 2010|
|colors=Red and Gold|

|partof=British Armed Forces|

Example result can be seen here: British Army

Update April 2010

  • Complete rewrite
  • Backwards compatible
  • New look and feel

Update September 2011

  • 2nd Commander added
  • Captain added

Update March 2016

  • Added Access policy
  • Added Required rank