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Icon-China.png China

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Sichuan
Map of the region
Capital Chengdu
Residents 77
Visitors 78
Language Chinese
Moving zone B4
Resources Icon - Deer.png Icon - Grain.png
Icon - Cattle.png Icon - Fruits.png

Last update: February 4, 2018

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  • If a value is not known, do not enter a place holder value (n/a, none, ..., etc.). This might create a strange link.
  • This template automatically places the region into a "Region of country" and "Regions with resource" categories, so do not add any categories to region pages.
  • Coat of Arms - Use this place for the coat of arms of the region, but if there is none then use the coat of arms of the country.
  • Region map is added automatically.


  • If region has multiple resources, use resource1, resource2, resource3, resource4 (as many as the region has). If region has no resource, use resource1 and leave it blank.