The Philippine Times

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The Philippine Times

General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Owner Prince Terence I
Founded February 2009
Subscribers 25 (as of early 2009)
Articles 61
Content Opinions and Views, News, Advertisements, Debates, Announcements, Reports
Style: Nationalistic and Patriotic

The Philippine Times was a Icon-Philippines.png Filipino Newspaper owned by Prince Terence I. It was created last February 2009, after Prince Terence I reached level 6.

About the Newspaper

The newspaper logo depicts fists of Filipinos. The fists of these people represent the newspaper's nationalistic and patriotic stance in eRepublik journalism. At the right wing of the logo, is a hand holding a small flag of the Philippines. This is a representation of the identity of the newspaper as a Filipino inspired and was created for and with the Filipino's ideals, aspirations, and endeavours.

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