The Socialist Party Constitution

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The Socialist Party Constitution

This document is the official party constitution for The Socialist Party UK.

Clause one - Name

1. The party shall be formally known as ‘The Socialist Party UK’.

1.1. The party shall be informally known as ‘The Socialist Party’.

1.2. The party abbreviation shall be ‘TSP’

2. The party name must be used only for official documentation and may not be used as an endorsement for other people or organisations without the consent of the party majority and leadership.

3. Changing of the party name ‘The Socialist Party UK’ must be submitted to the members of the party through a vote.

3.1. At least 40% of the party must vote to declare a result.

3.1.1. To declare a win for changing the name; the vote must be 51% or more in favour.

3.1.2. To declare a lose for changing the name; the vote must be 49% or less in favour.

3.1.3. If a tie of 50/50 occurs, another vote is to be organised and argument for and against published in the party forum and the party newspaper.

Clause two – Aims and values

1. The Socialist Party UK is a democratic socialist party. The party believes in support for the average citizen who wants to progress through the levels. The party supports fair pay to workers, good income to business owners and open access to politics.

2. To meet these aims we must:

2.1. Have an economy that supports the British business owner, though allows them to import goods at a fair rate.

2.2. Have a jobs market that offers fair pay to all workers and supports them in improving their production and wellness.

2.3. Have a political system that is for majority, not the few. Have an openness that allows anyone to take part.

2.3.1. A system that uses apprenticeships to help members get on the political ladder.

2.3.2. Progress the members of long service to more developed roles and retire those of age.

2.3.3. Continue to push for renewal of political reform across the United Kingdom.

3. The Party is open to all members who can join political parties.

3.1. No member shall be discriminated on any grounds and shall have the support of the party and its leadership.

3.1.1. See Clause three for more details.

Clause three – Membership

1. All citizens of the United Kingdom are allowed to join The Socialist Party UK.

2. No citizen shall be required to pay or do favours to be allowed to join or progress through the party.

3. Any member that joins The Socialist Party UK must support the aims and values of the party.

3.1. If new values and aims are submitted as a reform of the party constitution, the members must continue to uphold the old aims and values until the new ones are formally applied to the party.

4. All members are allowed to apply for party cabinet roles. For more information see clauses four and five.

Clause four - Party President

1. The Party President upon winning the party election must post a cabinet application on the forum as soon as possible after winning the election. 1.1. Party Cabinet positions must be open to all.

1.2. There can be no previous deals for cabinet positions made.

1.2.1. Failure to comply with this rule could result in a vote of no confidence.

1.3. The Party President must submit their official party cabinet within 3 days of winning the position.

1.4. It is the Party Presidents duty to ensure all cabinet members are following the rules as stated in the Party Cabinet section.

1.4.1. If a member of the cabinet fails to comply with the rules they are to be removed from their position.

1.4.2. Reasons for any removal must be made clear by the Party President to the cabinet and the party membership as a whole.

2. The Party President can choose not to appoint a Vice Party President, but must instead allocate another member of the cabinet who will take responsibility of the party if the Party President is not able to fore fill their duties at a certain time.

3. The Party President must promote the values of the party and commit to expanding the party base. If the party concludes the Party President is not for filling their duties, they can request a vote of no confidence.

3.1. If a vote of no confidence is submitted, the Party President must make themselves available for any question and answer session requested by the members.

3.2. The Party President is not allowed to offer payments for votes during the vote of no confidence. If found to have done so, they will be asked to stand down as Party President.

3.3. A vote of no confidence must be posted on the forum in the form of a poll. The party members must vote and then simply write voted in the thread.

3.3.1. The vote will only be open for 24 hours. After the deadline is met, no more votes will be allowed and the final poll will be submitted. If the vote concludes that the vote of no confidence is a minority, the Party President continues in their position. If the vote concludes that the vote of no confidence is a majority, the Party President must accept the results and step down from their position.

Clause five – Party cabinet

1. Cabinet members can only hold one position within the party cabinet.

1.1. This rule can be nullified if the party size is too small.

2. Cabinet members are to promote the party and its values to the UK citizens wherever possible. Their duty is to the party members and not special interests.

3. Cabinet members must make sure they attend all meetings and if not possible inform the Party President.

3.1. This rule can be nullified for special circumstances. This will be at the Party President discretion.

4. Cabinet members cannot accept payments or incentives from members of the party in regards to party policy. If found to be receiving incentives, the Party President will act as required.

Clause six – Election

1. Elections in regards to Congress and PM, there should a thread made on the party forum to allow those who want to put themselves forward the chance to voice their views.

1.1. Once all members that have shown interest have submitted their statements the Party President can either choose a selection of candidates to submit for party voting or can put them all forward for party voting.

1.2. Party President will allow for 4 candidates to be put up for party vote. The final poll results will show the top two candidates who will then be put forward to the party for the final time. The candidate with the majority vote will be submitted.

1.3. Party vote will have all candidates being voted in a two-stage system. The first round will have all candidates with the top 4 going through to the second round. The top 4 candidates will then submit their statements and then have a second party vote. The candidate with the majority vote will be submitted.

1.4. There is no timeline for when this must take place. It is the Party Presidents duty to ensure all candidates are put forward with enough time to campaign.

2. During the Party elections, the incumbent Party President must allow the other candidates to express their views either through the forum or if so the Party Newspaper.

2.1. The incumbent Party President must not use Party funds to promote themself during this period.

2.2. Upon the Party President Election result, the Vice Party President (If applicable) must offer the Party President their resignation, so as to allow them to either choose a new member or re-instate them for another term.

3. During no party vote or official vote will any of the candidates be allowed to use incentives such as money or political positions to win vote. Members that this will have their candidacy removed from the voting process.

Amendments to the document

1. This document is an official Socialist Party document, which must be upheld at all times, unless voted for removal.

2. Amendments to this document can be made by any member of the party so long as they are not:

2.1. Submitting the change while running for Party President.

2.1.1. If submitted before the candidate runs for election, but the vote isn’t finalised before the election is finished, the amendment vote must wait until the election is completed.

2.2. Submitting the change while being paid to do so by a member running for Party President.

2.2.1. If this is the case, the amendment will be null and void with the party member being banned from all further votes.

3. Amendments added to the document need to be posted on the forum and given a three day voting period. For the amendment to be added to the document, it needs to have gained over 50% of the votes.

3.1. If the amendment fails to gather the 50% threshold, the amendment is allowed a 5-day debating period where it can be modified. After the 5 days debating period it can be resubmitted for a 2-day vote.

3.2. If the amendment fails to gain the 50% of votes needed, it will be scrapped and not allowed to be presented before the party for a minimum of 2 months.

4. For an amendment which proposes the removal of a statement from within this document. It is allowed a 3-day vote, which by the end must have a clear majority vote of 60%.

4.1. If the removal amendment does not meet the 60% threshold required, it is allowed a 3-day debating period. After the 3 days debating period, it can be resubmitted for a 24-hour vote.

4.2. If the amendment fails to meet the required 60% threshold, it will be scrapped and not allowed to be presented before the party for a minimum of 2 months.

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