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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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The following is taken from the This is Sweden! that was written by Kape in the Swedish newspaper Bricks and Gold.

This Is Sweden

Inspired by the article recently published by MoonlightShadow regarding the differences between the nation IRL and in Erepublik I would like to give you all a glimpse in the values of eSweden and how we want to be remembered. In eSweden we have several informal values that we are working to achieve and I would like to present them to you with minor comments.

  • 1. Trustworthy

Srespectsespect our friends if there is only one thing we want them to consider when thinking of us it's trustworthy. We keep secrets, we respect agreements, we support our friends and we never ever cheat a friend! Well, we are only human, so I guess some swedes cheated on the waifus while they were in Spain, USA or Romania to break/build a wall, but as a nation, we are and will stay trustworthy.

  • 2. Military power

We were once ranked number one as a nation and we were even that strong that when we sent our mobile forces to Romania during WW1 we dropped from first to third place and Romania was for while the strongest nation. Now, due to the big growth in several countries, we have dropped a bit but are still able to gather +20 powerful soldiers that would fit into every countries tank squad. Much of that is thanks to old but dedicated players.

We have also invested a lot of time, organization and SEK/GOLD into our army. It's no coincidence that our soldiers seem to be the number 2 or 3 nation in all battles on the foreign ground. Our soldiers are dedicated to their mission and take great pride in being the backbone of our nation.

  • 3. Major economic power

Although we have dropped down to number 12 in population we still have all our big company groups active and have several big companies active abroad. The experience of our managers in combination with our highly skilled workforce makes our economy grow a lot faster than our population.

But it's not all about companies... Our state finances have always been of great interest to our political majority and we adopted early to the features of the game. We were able to learn from those who made mistakes and from those who made success and was among the first the use state owned companies and a national bank to control our economy. This combined with a certain amount of cautiousness in expenses has made it possible for us to maintain and increase our wealth even through times of war. I also believe that we have the largest amount of privately owned gold per citizen in erepublik.

  • 4. Forgive and forget is not our game

Although we claim to be humanitarian and friendly we seem to keep remembering some things long past. Some might think we always want revenge and in many issues that is correct. We tend to teach our new citizens who we like and who we don't. That is our way of teaching everybody who to trust and to have a common enemy.

Thanks to this we keep our activity high during peace and make the whole nation unite if we are on a mission for revenge.

  • 5. Political unity

Though we have several issues and discussions between our politicians we try to show a united front to the world. Issues are to be solved and then it's time to support the solution even if one had a different point of view from the beginning. This is very useful in times of war, if we have decided to act we support the actions made without too many conflicts.

We are often able to unite pacifists and warmongers after a while, this is our way of making sure we make social and political progress.

  • 6. We play to win

Erepublik is a game, that is not to be forgotten. The beauty of this game is that different personalities can work together within a company, an army, a nation or an alliance. We know we will probably never be the biggest nation, but we might be or become the best, that is our goal and message to the world.

This is my and our eSweden, feel free to join us!