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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Trivia Removed

The Trivia Challenge has been removed from the game. Therefore there will be no Trivia challenge to influence your performances while working, training or fighting. Instead, the results for now are fixed. Further information can be found in this article of the eRepublik Insider:

Outdated Information

Trivia is a quiz system which might improve in-game performances in certain areas. This system can be used on the following pages:

Answering Trivia

Trivia 1.jpg

Each time you access the trivia, you have to answer 5 questions.

Each question has a countdown timer of 20 seconds for you to answer it. Failing to do that is equivalent to giving a wrong answer.

Trivia 2.jpg

Super-shot is achieved in case of a correct answer given in less than 5 seconds. Achieving super-shots will double your normal bonus for that question. After the questions are answered you get a report with:

  • the questions
  • your answers
  • the correct answers (telling you the number of your correct answers).

If you try to refresh the page at this point (or at any page when you are answering the questions) you will be redirected to the final result page.

Trivia bonuses are added to your results in the work, army or battlefield page.

Trivia Question Selection

Trivia questions are from one of the following categories - History, Geography, Politics, Art, or Economics. Questions have no difficulty degree. All are chosen randomly.


Trivia questions for work will be under the following topics:

Number of Questions Category Subcategory
1 History General
1 Politics Country
1 Geography Country
1 Art General (temporary)
1 Art General


Number of Questions Category Subcategory
1 History General
1 Politics Country
1 Geography Country
1 History Country
1 Geography General


Number of Questions Category Subcategory
1 History General
1 Politics Enemy Country
1 Geography Country
1 History General
1 Geography Enemy Country
1 Geography General

Question Format

  • Each question has 4 different answers, including the correct one
  • There is only one correct answer
  • Questions end with a question mark (?) or colon (:)
  • Dates are written in words in the format Day-Month-Year
  • Numbers one through nine (1-9) are spelled out, and 10+ are written as digits


  • All texts (for questions and answers) are kept as short as possible, without additional references
  • All texts (for questions and answers) are comprehensive
  • All questions and correct answers are based on real life true facts
  • Country related question texts include the name or a strong reference for that country


Questions and answers will not:

  • Be based on changeable facts (e.g.: Which country has the highest GDP?)
  • Use of real life brands within the question and answer texts
  • Usage of duplicate questions or answers
  • Include references to another answer

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