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Battlefield is the place where battles take place. Every region can become a battlefield but only in one war at one time. If you want to read about how battles are fought, visit the battle page.

The battlefield interface (desktop)

There are two battlefield interfaces, one for the ground divisions and one for the air division. However, as the majority options of these interfaces are similar, following subsections explain them both. If there are differences between them, they will be stated. The following is the description of the desktop version of the battlefield interface.

Ground battlefield

Top corner

In the top left corner, on the menu level before the homepage button, you will find your avatar alongside with your citizen name, level, energy level and a possibility to recover energy if it can be recovered. Just below is a house button that shows if you have the residence bonus available (house button is green) or it is not-available (house button is grey) for that battle, and it is followed by the name of the residence region and the country of the residence region, and amounts of gold, currency and prestige points.

On the top right corner, there are 3 interactive links that show if you have any missions, messages or alerts. The number with the number of active missions, new messages and new alerts will be displayed if there are any. There is also a fourth link, the one to the weekly leaderboards.

Battlefield frame top

In the top left and right corners are the citizens that made the most damage in the division for each side. In the ground battlefield interface, there is also a drop-down menu where you can see the citizens that made the most damage in other ground divisions.

The top centre area is the main area of the battlefield and here, on the top left and right side, you can see the countries that are in the war. If there is a shield next to the country name it means that this country is a defender, while sword next to the name means this country is the attacker. In the middle of the top centre area, there is the influence bar. The bar tells how many percents and domination points both sides are currently holding. Just above the influence bar, it could be the influence multiplicator in case there is a determination bonus on the side you are fighting for. There is also a timer that shows the time passed in that round, as well as the campaign points currently won by each side and how many points are needed to win the campaign.

Just below the influence bar is a section with 6 overview buttons:

  1. Current battle which shows the current campaign points (94 are needed to win the battle) with an overview of allies of each country involved in the war, current domination percentage for each division, and the level how much of more damage is needed to become an epic battle as well as an estimated time left to win the battle
  2. Fighter statistics which shows the top fighters on each side per each round of the battle in all of the divisions. More information is available here
  3. War history which shows all of the battles in this war, with information which region was attacked, which country won and when
  4. Combat orders which shows if there are any active combat orders in any of the divisions and how much currency (bounty) you have won from them
  5. Battle statistics which shows how much points have been one in the campaign (each battle and each division) and an overview how did both sides progress through the battle period (battle time) in view of their war influence, domination points and wall domination.
  6. Campaign map which shows an overview of all battles in the campaign

Fighter statistics

Fighter statistics page

Click the Fighter statistics in the top middle part of the interface frame. Fighter statistics will contain the following information:

  • Top soldiers of each mini-battle with the following information
    • Avatar, name and nationality
    • Number of enemies killed or the influence (depending on if you chose kills or damage tab)
    • Link to the profile.
  • Your row will be highlighted.

As a default, you will see the stats of the current mini-battle in your division. However, you can see the stats of other mini-battles or other divisions simply by clicking the desired links.

Note: Battle stats are only available for battles that are active.

Battlefield frame middle

The actual fighting can be viewed in the middle of the battlefield frame. Here you can see whenever a soldier enters the battlefield and you will see their tank with their tank skin and soldiers:

  • avatar
  • name
  • energy bar
  • citizenship
  • influence (whenever one fights)

Battlefield frame right

On the right side, you can view 6 different options:

  • Choose side or division - please note that changing divisions is possible only in the ground division battles in special occasions
  • Switch modes - switch between fight and deploy mode
  • Shop - supply shop where you can buy energy, boosters or bazooka parts.
  • Change vehicle - Vehicle depot of vehicles you can choose from
  • Join Guerrilla Fights - only ground division if certain circumstances are met
  • Guerrilla Fights Inventory - only ground division
  • Settings and filters
    • Turn on/off animations (player transitions, weapon fire, nuclear weapon)
    • Fight stats (show enemy defeated stats)
    • Show players on the battlefield

Battlefield frame bottom

Main articles: Fight and Deploy

The bottom frame is where you control your fighting. Booster and special weapon (only available for ground division battles) can be found in the left bottom corner. Upon clicking these buttons you can see all the options on your disposal and you can click one available to activate it immediately.

On the center bottom, you can find one of two views - either it is the fight or deploy view, depending on the mode that is chosen. In case, it is the fight mode chosen, fighting controls can be found and they consist of seven elements, from top to bottom you can see your:

  • Damage in this battle
  • Current division
  • Recover energy button that changes depending on how can you recover the energy. Hovering over the recover energy button will provide information on how much more of the energy you can recover by eating or additional information if you reached the maximum energy that could be recovered. In the order of consuming, depending on what you have available, the button will be:
  • Fight button
  • Choose weapon - selected weapon type marked with an icon representing the weapon quality.
  • Rank
  • Rank bar which tells you your current rank and how far away are you from your next rank. By hovering over different parts of it you can see more detailed information.

If deploy mode is on, you will see:

  • Damage in this battle
  • Current division
  • Deploy button
  • Rank
  • Rank bar which tells you your current rank and how far away are you from your next rank. By hovering over different parts of it you can see more detailed information.

Watching a battle

Battlefield interface when you are not participating on the battlefield

Even if you're not living in countries that are part of the battle, you are still able to watch the battle itself. However, before you join the battlefield itself, there will be a notice telling you that you're not in any participating countries and that if you wish to fight, you must travel to one of them (see #Travel to the battlefield).

If you remove the notice, battlefield interface will be shown with an exception of the #Battlefield frame bottom where you will be prompted to choose side.

Travel to the battlefield

Travel page on the battlefield

If you can't fight in the battle, there will be a pop-up window to choose a side to fight in.

In this window, there will be two destinations, one for the defenders, one for attackers. Both destinations will be the closest to you and the cheapest for you to travel.

When you press the "Travel" button the cost of travel will be deducted and you can start fighting.

Change division

When you enter the battlefield, just below the choose a side option, there is a choose a division option. You can only switch ground divisions during special events or if you have an active maverick pack enhancement.


If you idle for too long, you must confirm that you're still there.
  • If you don't do anything in 2 minutes you need to confirm that you're still there before the battle status and heroes are updated.
  • You can only see full battle stats for yourself, not for anybody else.

The battlefield interface (mobile)

Ground battlefield - Android version
Aerial battlefield - Android version

As for the desktop interface, there are also two battlefield interfaces for the mobile version, one for the ground divisions and one for the air division. As well, the majority options of these interfaces are similar, so this section explains both mobile interface versions. If there are differences between the two they will be stated.


On the top, there is basic information about the battlefield:

  • the name of the region
  • domination bar
  • countries involved
  • info button that opens the fighter statistics
  • type of the terrain


In the middle, there is a button to open the boosters window.


On the bottom right there are three options:

On the bottom is a deploy button where you prepare your deployment.

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