Union Militar Argentina

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Union Militar Argentina

Party-Union Militar Argentina.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation UMA
National rank 1
Forum Forum link
Colors light blue and white
Founded 2009
President chorizoenelguiso
Vice President FCBoca
Secretary General UvaPri
Councillor Fred Martinez
Spokesman Gcollomps
Members 134
Congress Occupancy 10/40 seats, 25%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Party-Union Militar Argentina.jpg

The Union Militar Argentina (Eng. Argentina's Military Union), better known as UMA, is a Military-Political Party founded in November 2009. The 3 founders are Richthofen, GobCba-AR and Jockey. UMA is one of the oldest active parties in Argentina, the best in growing and recruiting citizens. This party is known for the great organization, camaraderie and the most important, for being the only party with Military Orientation in Icon-Argentina.png Argentina.

What is Argentina's Military Union?

  • A right party with representation in the Congress and with a big future.
  • In fact that the organization of the party is authoritarian with a vertical structure, this party is a great defender of democracy and citizen rights.
  • In UMA, the nation comes first, second the party"
  • This party does not fight with weapons, UMA fights in the elections when politics is discussed"


Inside the Party, the members are organized in four ways: Soldiers, Subofficers, Officers and the Higher State, in hierarchical order. The Argentina's Military Union is divided in Companies. These are:

  • BIM I: Marine Infantry Battalion
    BIM I Logo
  • BIM V: Marine Infantry Battalion
  • BIM FORCE [ELITE]: Marine Infantry Battalion: GROUP COMMAND
  • BAA I: Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
    BAM I Logo
  • BAA FORCE [Elite]: Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion: HARD ARTILLERY
  • BAM I: Military Aviation Battalion
  • BAM FORCE [Elite]: Military Aviation Battalion: SPECIAL SQUAD
  • TAM I: Argentine Medium Tank
  • TAM FORCE [Elite]: Argentine Medium Tank: HARD CAVALRY
  • Academia Militar: Military School for the new recruits

General Directions

Inside the party, they have General Directions, in charge of party organization. These are:

General Direction of Supply and Economy

Organization of UMA companies and their workers. Factories, statistics, economics in general.
Communication DG ADD.

General Direction of Human Resources

Recruitment Area

In charge of recruit new soldiers.

Education Area

Academies and help guides.

General Direction of Operations

Political Area

Official candidates.

Military Area

Organization of captains and realization of collective struggles.

General Direction of Integration

Communication Area

Publications, newspapers, ads and campaigns.

Entertainment Area

Fun and more.

UMA Official Constitution

UMA soldiers going to the battle

Art. 1: Serving the Nation above all things.

Art. 2: Creating a Military policy commensurate with the growth of our country

Art. 3: Convert to Argentina in the main Latin American power

Art. 4: Maintain National Sovereignty, no matter the cost.

Art.5: Defending our nation's democratic system

Art.6: Form Argentinean People committed with the Patrie.


Art. 1: UMA seeks the inclusion of new citizens, looking for improvement in the military area, with all that this area entails, exploiting the military module in all its aspects.

Art. 2: The party has a structure down, organized by ranks.

Art. 3: Elections in UMA are Internal. The postulant has to meet minimum requirements to be nominated.
UMA members in guard of the national flag

Art. 4: Each rank inside the party must meet the basic requirements. This ensures the proper performance of their work.


Art. 1: The game has four divisions: Soldiers, Subofficers, Officers and the Higher State.

Art. 2: The soldiers are the newest members of UMA. So they are in a period of training.

Art. 3: The Subofficers are responsible for training Soldiers and maintain the discipline of these

Art. 4: Officers are responsible for organizing the party.

Art. 5: All ranges have specific tasks to fulfil inside the Party. These tasks are personally informed by a Superior.

PART IV – The Higher State of U.M.A

Art. 1: The Higher State is the highest authority in UMA.

Art. 2: The members of the Higher State are responsible for addressing the issues most important UMA

Art. 3: The Higher State will be composed of senior officials.

3.1: The Higher State through an internal vote can accept new members.

Art. 4: The Justice inside U.M.A. will be in charge of officers of higher grade.

4.1: Judgments will be made by the Higher State, the sentence is final.

Party presidents

Tito Rizzo

Important members

  • LeonSF - head of HR in Summer 2015