Upper Normandy

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Upper Normandy

Icon-Portugal.png Portugal

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Upper Normandy
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-France.png France
Capital Rouen
Residents 83
Visitors 45
Language French
Moving zone A3
Resource None

Last update: March 10, 2021

Upper Normandy is a region in Portugal and its capital is Rouen. Its original owner is France.


Upper Normandy is neighbored by the following regions:

Historical productivity and buildings

Productivity Hospital Defense system
Icon - Fish.png 0 0


Date term began Mayor Party
21 December 2007 unknown
21 January 2008 unknown
21 February 2008 unknown
21 March 2008 unknown Independants d'E-Republik
21 April 2008 ioshy Parti Social Démocrate
21 May 2008 jul76 Mouvement Des Révolutionnaires
21 June 2008 ioshy Parti Social Démocrate
21 July 2008 jul76 Mouvement Des Révolutionnaires
21 August 2008 jul76 Mouvement Des Révolutionnaires
21 September 2008 jul76 Mouvement Des Révolutionnaires

Historical economy and media

Since the region stays in the train of demographic point of view, it is it also in economic domain. There are there only eight companies which are eight newspapers : besides "Les Centres" about which we spoke before, the main regional newspaper is "La République Normande", created on May 6th, 2008. These two newspapers are on the e-French top20. Upper-Normandy is the only region, after the capital, Paris, that has two newspapers in this top20.

The third newspaper was the "STG info - GWU news", the media of the Gifts Worfkers Union. This newspaper had been created on June 5th, 2008 at the creation of this labor union, first institution of this type in e-France. But the takeoff of this labor union is, nowadays, far from being a success.

At the creation of the first regional SO in e-France, Rouen had its official newspaper named "Haute-Normandie ma région". It was created on September 18th, 2008.

Finally, three young newspapers had been created this summer : "Journal de l'aventurier", "Le clairon matinal" and "French English Standard".

Newspaper Date of creation Owner Number of articles Subscribers
Les Cendres March 26th 2008 Ph03n1x 26 33
La République Normande May 6th 2008 jul76 47 25
STG info - GWU news June 5th 2008 Syndicat des Travailleurs du Gifts - Gifts Workers Union 2 4
Journal de l'aventurier August 14th 2008 spqr roma 0 1
Le clairon matinal August 27th 2008 Hilarion Lefuneste 1 1
French English Standard September 5th 2008 Darth Kapi 0 1
Haute-Normandie ma région September 18th 2008 SO Rouen 1 2