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Colinar is probably one of the most famous Tactical and Startegic Military in the eItalian History. He crated the EI (eitalian Army) in june (Akira Presidency), after the tragic war against Swizterland. Colinar led many times the eItalian Army directly in the battlefield with his generals. In the middle of september, he was in contrast with some politicians that saw in him a danger for the nation, in fact they envy him the great success around the soldiers.

Until December, he decided to support the eItalian HQ. In jannuary Colinar was elected eItalian President, but after 48 hours he was impeached by Pier4reich with the support of many corrupted politicalmen.

After that he decided to leave eItaly. He moved to Switzerland (Theocratic Nations) with many eitalian army veterans.

Colinar Military masterpiece:

Defence of Germany against Sweden invasion. Battle of Aquitain against Spain. Battle of Sardinia against Italy.

.......too many battle to be linked here.