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I have started to play Erepublik on the 3rd of August 2008, after 6 weeks of unsuccessful attempts to get an invitation. As a noob, I was careful not to spam and tried to understand the mechanisms of the game, so I was pretty silent in the first 3 weeks. My activity was boosted by the war with Hungary (also called the WW1), when I joined the "Soimii Patriei" (Hawks of the Motherland) military unit, which remained very close to my heart to this day. Later, I have developed my career in many areas, happy to meet very interesting people and to learn many new things.

My military career was focused on the consolidation of the Romanian Army and especially of "my" military unit, the Hawks of the Motherland, where I am part of the commandment, as a unit Lieutenant since September. My military activity peaked at the end of Beta, by re-organizing some of the units procedures, by writing the Romanian Military Code and by starting an important military tool, the Training Camp (currently under development, by Dusty). Right now I am active as a soldier in the Romanian Army, as a unit Lieutenant, as a unit medic and I will follow up on the Training Camp project. Even if this is not my top priority, I will always identify myself as a soldier and as a Hawk. Never cared much about a soldier of fortune career :)

Politically, I was as a noob member of the PMR (Romanian Managers Party), due to the fact that MickeyD was the first citizen who spoke to me and added me as a friend (and for this I am grateful). Few weeks later, I have discovered eRomania United (eROU), a party that I felt fitted best to my vision about the eWorld and where I have found my dearest friends in Erepublik. Of course, as any new project eROU had a difficult time to find its path and to define its goals, but progress was made day by day. After the launch of V1, I was elected as party president and started to bring a more consistent contribution to the development of this beautiful political project. Up to some point, we have invested significantly more time in the clarification of our vision than in finding practical means of implementing it and, as a consequence, we are focusing on the implementation of our vision. I will definitely not be the next party president, as I think that there are many very valuable people within eROU which deserve the chance to the party leadership.

Economically I never was much of a tycoon, relying more on purchasing gold with real money, this option being more comfortable, allowing me to invest my time in more important projects. With V1 and with the involvement in many projects, I started to be a little concerned about my finances, on the long term, so I have purchased a Q2 Food company, and I invested in CNRM - the Romanian Natural Resources Corporation, a private company with solid funding, which expands on the raw material market. Well, after the economic crisis, I'm sure that results will follow. But, economy will be a marginal preoccupation, I am doing enough of that in RL and consider it boring enough.

Socially, my first project was the Media Ministry, which was revived a few weeks before the V1. I am sure that this project will remain in the life of the Erepublik community, being also "close to my heart". Speaking of which, I would like to thank to the following people, who have defined my career in Erepublik, and who I will always regard as dear friends: - Shadow Figure, for being one of the most positive person I have ever met, and for his talent in building up confidence, in transferring values, in making good judgements and in being there for me, whenever I needed. - TaviTav, for being able to invest extraordinary amounts of energy, faith and hard work for the causes he believes in. - Arhistream (Hattor), for his intelligence, his power of judgement and strength of character - Han Solo, for being an old donkey but still young enough to play silly games (that makes us two) and for investing much more authentic emotion than we is willing to admit - Other very dear people, with whom I had the opportunity to work together or who have supported my projects over time: MoonlightShadow, Ovidiu303, Titu Maiorescu, MihaiD, the_mihai, Alex Craciun, Coliba, Dusty, MickeyD and many more.