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Citizen page George Lemnaru

Professional Profile

George began his first entrepreneurial project at only 21 years of age, launching start up companies for the online Romanian market. Among these projects, – an online store selling natural health products launched in 2003 – became the largest store in its sector in Romania.

Because besides the internet he is also interested in economics, politics, and history, George began to develop a parallel, virtual world in which the rules are established by Citizens who must govern and manage themselves— This Project took shape when George met Alexis Bonte. Alexis immediately recognized the potential of and bought shares in Tevin Solutions, the company George founded. George is experienced in directorship, online marketing (Search Engine Optimizers [SEO], viral marketing,etc.), public relations, (managing online Communications) and e‐health.

George Lemnaru’s Profile

  • Online company – General Director,
  • New online ideas – Technical Director,
  • E‐health – Coordinator and Owner,,,,
  • Beauty and Contacts – Coordinator,,

Biographical Profile

George graduated from secondary school from Dante Alighieri and studied economics at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest where he also received his Masters in Economic Communications.