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eRepublik Biography

Hello, I'm Thomas765! I joined eRepublik on Day 817 of the New World to the Icon-USA.png USA, it wasn't my ideal choice of a starting location but this was before the new citizenship rules were implemented so I obtained US citizenship even though I was born in the South East of England. After personally thinking that the eUSA wasn't good for me as it was too big, I decided to move to Icon-Austria.png Austria. I remained in Austria for 7 months - during that time I became actively involved in politics. I started off small and worked my way up, from Spokesperson of Austria in March to president in August. I left Austria in September to go away and fight, and I made enemies with some friends by opposing the elected government at the time who comprised of Hungarians and two Austrians.

In December, I moved to the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom where I remain today.

Real Life Biography

My name is Thomas, I live and I was born in the United Kingdom. I'm 16 years old and I still attend high school.

eRepublik Wiki Biography

I became a member of the eRep Wiki in March and began editing for the Austrian government with Oraizan in May 2010.