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Elite unit of Croatia and strongest Eden military unit.

General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Type Elite unit

ZDRUG are the finest fighters of Croatia.

In eRepublik it`s days stretch far back and the well known Croatian unit survived many downfalls and mountain-like climbs. It was founded on the 25th of December 2008 as Croatia’s elite unit force and served til the merger with Hrvatska Vojska unit sometime in 2013 (est).

Today, unit under this ID exists, but only as an inactive unit of 2 soldiers.


Since the release of V2 ZDRUG suffered from the departure of critical members that left the New World. The ranks of ZDRUG are now increasing and their presence on the EDEN fronts is indeed very noticeable, especially by our enemies.

ZDRUG consisted of about 80 elite troopers. Even though ZDRUG it`s Croatian elite, they recruited troops from abroad as well. Soldiers from Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Estonia and USA were fighting side-by-side of their Croatian brothers. One of the last leaders of the unit were mlatonja and d0nsherpa.

Eligibility Requirements were:

  • Maxhit (Q5):1800+
  • Activity on chat: Distinct


Avatars of the ZDRUG unit: