Zimbrii TMD

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Zimbrii TMD

Zimbrii TMD.jpg

For Honor! For the Motherland! For Flag!

General Information
Country Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova
Total Soldiers 16
Commanded by Grisha Bardiur


Zimbrii TMD history began when everyone were bored of the game and they hoped for a new challenge. Because to lose a few minutes, pressing a few buttons in a browser game, it is not a big challenge and not something exciting.

That was the case of the famous Moldovan community forum torrentsmd.com who decided to start this military unit.

History uniform

Zimbrii TMD v2.jpg Zimbrii TMD v3.jpg Zimbrii TMD v4.jpg

The blue-eyed version was received warmer.

Eventually, the uniform undergone dozens of changes, to get the current version, which is also used for the party Fratia Zimbrilor Romani:

Zimbrii TMD.jpg

Name History

Unlike the National Army, this unit designation was established more easily (10 pages of forum) because the logo was quite suggestive.

The idea of the name was not something discussed or spontaneously but rather deeply analyzed:

  • I like the idea of "Zimbru" or you can simply - Zimbru - proposed Bocalindo.

Agreed by all, and remained so until the day before MU's launch, the National Army presents its official emblems and names of its units. Emblems structure after data were similar to those that have to dress us, and the names sounded like this: the head of bison on the Tri - Zimbru Moldova, the head of the wolf shirt - Moldova and the Wolves shirt with eagles - Eagles Moldova.

After many negotiations conducted by Tsintsar, having received the desired response, the decision was made to continue with Zimbru name, adding the three letters of the logo site that united the founders.

As a result an original and funny name was made: ZimbriiTMD, expressed ZTMD.