Zionist Front

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Zionist Front

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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation eZF
Colors red, blue
Dissolved May 11 Day 538 of the New World
President Silent Bob
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By The Israeli Republican Union
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

A group of eSpanish people who felt sympathy by eIsrael decided to create the Spanish Brigades for the Liberation of Israel, and fight for the release of this country. After work with citizens of all the eWorld to achieve this goal, we wanted to maintain our links with Eretz Zion, and establish a political party.

Zionist Front is a centrist party with people of varied political ideologies join to serve the People of Israel. We are a eZionist party: we intend to retrieve the borders that eIsrael was to start the game. Is very important to build a country economically strong and demographically solid, so the Congress and the Government must execute important economic decisions that will mark the country's future.

We want to make it clear that although the majority of members of the Zionist Front are eSpanish, is not our intention to make a takeover or anything similar. We want to fight and work for this country as an eIsraelis. Spain is a country with a great Jewish tradition and many Spanish are very fond of Israel. We do not form an underworld in Israel: we want integrate in eIsraeli society.