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Administrators, commonly known as admins and also called sysops (system operators), are Wikieditors who have access to technical features ("tools") that help with maintenance. For example, administrators can protect and delete pages, block other editors, and undo these actions as well. While the tools granted to administrators are technical and do not convey authority per se, administrators are entrusted with potentially harmful tools. Adminship is granted indefinitely, and is only removed upon request or under circumstances involving high-level intervention (see administrator abuse below).

Administrators undertake additional responsibilities on a voluntary basis, and are not necessarily employees of eRepublik.

Because administrators are expected to be experienced members of the community, users seeking help will often turn to an administrator for advice and information, or in a dispute. In general, administrators acting in this role are neutral; they do not have any direct involvement in the issues they are helping people with.

Current Syops

The list of syops can be found here: Special:Listusers/sysop.