Canadian Social Democrats

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Canadian Social Democrats

Party-Canadian Social Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation CSD
Colors Blue/White
Founded 11 May 2008
Dissolved 21 April 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds The Canada Party
Succeeded By EPIC
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Grassroots/Independent Social Democracy


The Canadian Social Democrats (CSD) was a leftist party from Canada. Remaining a Top 5 party for most of its political life, CSD's journey was filled with varying levels of success, and varying levels of social-democratic thought, ranging from hard-line leftism, Third Way centrism, grassroots and traditional social democracy, and independent leftism. The party was temporarily transferred to France during the occupation of Canada in 2009.

In early 2010, CSD members began discussing ways to address the party's declining influence and activity. Eventually the party merged with the similarly-aligned CNC to form EPIC, a party of independents. As of Summer 2011, EPIC continues to experience success similar to that of the CSD.

As of June 2011, the original CSD party has changed hands several times. "Party 40" was later housed in the United States.

Party Presidents of The CSD

Term President
May 2008 Cottus Arci
June 2008 Cottus Arci/The Darkness*
July 2008 The Darkness
August 2008 The Darkness
September 2008 Cottus Arci
October 2008 Zblewski
November 2008 Zanalan
December 2008 Zanalan
January 2009 Zanalan
February 2009 Zanalan
March 2009 Zanalan
April 2009 Cleomynestra Cathak/Dabman**
May 2009 Trenton Rendell
June 2009 Nosyt
July 2009 Nosyt
August 2009 Sperry
September 2009 Trenton Rendell
October 2009 Nosyt
November 2009 Nosyt
December 2009 Zblewski
January 2010 Adasko
February 2010 Nosyt
March 2010 Nosyt
  • Cottus Arci left the game temporarily on personal issues he left The Darkness in charge.
    • Cleomynestra Resigned after receiving hate mail from citizens, she left Dabman in charge.

Mission Statement and Resolutions

"We, the CSD, are an association of individuals who care for their nation and seek to deliver the best values and principles in Canada. We firmly believe in the power of Social Democracy, freedom of speech, and the importance of collaboration. We set forth our mission statement to be guided by the following resolutions:"

The Resolution of Service

The CSD will make its goal to serve Canadians by furthering the cause of Social Democracy as a ideal model for government structure and services.

The Resolution of Activity and Knowledge

The CSD believes that a active and knowledgeable Citizen not only contributes to the economy of Canada, but it also makes eRepublik much more enjoyable for everyone. We shall strive to foster this activity to further the success of Canada and all of it's citizens.

The Resolution of Collaboration

The CSD encourages all members to participate in the development of platforms, articles, press releases and friendly debate. The CSD cannot be a party of the people if we do not actively interact and work with Canadians of all the corners of the nation.

The Resolution of Ethics

The CSD has a permanent goal of setting forth a clear operating environment from both within the Canadian Government, and in the party itself. Freedom of information and documentation shall be opened so that the nation may see more of what the CSD is acting upon, without endangering or hurting the democratic process.

Resolution of Respect

Believing that smooth cooperation in administration can be attained through mutual respect between all of Canada’s politicians, and with the intended ends of making Canadian politics a constructive, as opposed to destructive, force, the members of the CSD shall acknowledge and respect the full diversity of political views as expressed by the citizens of Canada."