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Political parties are the foundation of the political system in eRepublik. To reach the in-game party page, access the 'Community' tab from the main menu and clicking on the 'My Party' link.

Here you will have options to join or create a party, if you are not already a party member.

You are not a party member.png

If you are a party member already, clicking on my party link you will see information about your current party and if you are the party president, you will see the party page and have access to edit information about the party.

Join a Party

If you click "Join a Party" you will see the top 10 parties in your country. You can only join a party in your citizenship country and if you are at least 13 (240 EP).

Please note, if you have active citizenship application pending, you're not able to join any party.

Create a Party

Requirements to create a party

Sometimes you might want to create your own party from scratch. However, in established countries, it is often much cheaper to take over a smaller abandoned party by becoming their Party president and then changing the party's attributes.

When you click "Create Party", you will see the Create Party Screen. The top part of the screen shows:

  • a link to this wiki page;
  • Gold in your personal account and a Buy gold button.


Details to be entered when creating a party

Citizens have to be at least 16 (335 EP) and have Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD.
In order to create a party, citizens have to be former party members.

Party Details

Enter the following information

  • Party Name - must be 6-30 characters, only letters, numbers, and (! # $ % * ? | . / ^ { } ` ~ & ' + - = _ ). Other special characters are not allowed.
  • Economical Orientation, choose from: Far-Left, Center-Left, Center, Center-Right, Far-Right
  • Social Orientation, choose from: Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Libertarian, Anarchist
  • Discussions Area - link to a private forum or an external web address where party members can discuss political activity.
  • Click "Create" to create your party.

Party Page

Party information

Once you join a party, or just browsing through party pages, you will see the following information:


On the top of the page you can find:

  • Avatar and name of the party
  • Name of the party president
  • Country of the party
  • Party's national rank (by the member size)
  • Link to the party's discussion area
  • Party titled members, their titles, avatars and names


The Info section shows:

  • Link to the party's wiki page and party description. Note: The link to the page is only shown if there is a party description.
  • Number of members and a link to show all Party members
  • Political orientation
  • Join/Resign - If you are not a member of the party, you will see a "Join" button. If you are a member, you will see the "Resign" button. Note: If you are party president, you will not be able to resign the party until you resign the party presidency.


Party elections

The elections section is where you can view the election results and see who are the candidates for the upcoming elections, if there are any.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidency

This section displays:

  • Party president (avatar, username)
  • Show Results button. Click to see the last party election results
  • Number of days until the next party elections will take place and the number of candidates for those elections
  • Show Candidate List button. Click to view the list of candidates for the next party elections

Optionally, this section can also display:

  • Candidate button. If you are a party member, you can see this button and click on it to run for the party president on next party elections.
    Note: Citizen needs to be at least 16 (335 EP) to be eligible to run
  • Retire button. If you are already a candidate to become next party president, clicking on this button you will drop out from the race.
  • Resign party presidency button. If you are already a party president, clicking on this button you will resign your position and the member with highest Experience points will take over as party president.

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

This section displays:

  • The number of party members in Congress and percentage of the total number of members of Congress
  • Show Results button. Click to see the last Congress election results
  • The number of days until the next Congressional elections
  • Show proposed Congress Candidates button. Link to the list of party members proposed for the congress elections

This section can also have an option for you to become the candidate for congressional elections. For more information about running for Congress, see here

Icon position country president.gif Country Presidency

This section displays:

  • The current country President
  • Show Results button. Click to see the last presidential election results
  • Number of days until the next presidential elections will take place
  • Show Candidate List button. Click to view the Presidential candidates list
  • Your party candidate for the next presidential elections

For more information how to become a presidential candidate, review this requirements.

Editing party details

The only person who can edit information about a party is party president. Party president has the ability to change:

  • Party logo
  • Party name
  • Economical orientation
  • Social orientation
  • Discussions area link
  • Assign Titles to the Party Members

Party FAQ

  • If a country is conquered by another one, what happens to its parties?
Nothing. Parties stay in the original country and they are fully functional. Even the party president elections will be held if the country is fully occupied.
  • Can I join a party that is not in top 10 parties?
Although the parties that are outside top 10 are not visible when you click join party, if a member of a smaller party gives you a link to his/her party, you can join through that party link. Alternatively, you can take a look at the Elections page, check the party elections results and find out the party ID and open the party link:; just make sure you replace text PartyIDnumber with the actual number.

See also

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