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The Constitution of Italy was approved on 7 October 2010, and replaced the old one.

Constitution of Italy

Article 1 - "The Italian President"

At 5th of the month the Italian President is elected in-game; from 06:00 (eRep Time) of the 6th the new President is enabled to use the administration tools in-game and in Forums.
The Italian President, from the moment of his installation, has three days to:
a) request accesses to forums for Government;
b) put to vote a budget for all ordinary activity of Government to come;
c) provide with the written act in Forum to nominate the Chief of the Army (CotA).
The Italian President has the right to access to all the sections of the Forum and to all the public and military Channels in chat.

Article 2 - "The Government"

The Government is composed of the Italian President and his government team chosen by him.
The organization of Government in Ministries and Bodies is trusted to the eItalian President and it must be communicated by him together with the Government team soon after the elections.
The chat Channel of Government is #governo on Rizon, the channel is reserved; the President has SOP access, the vice President AOP, the Ministers and other executives halfop; further members of Government with minor assignments and citizens invited by the President have access with no grade.
The various Ministries and Bodies has the opportunity to create their own Channels on Rizon chat; the organization of these channels belongs to the eItalian President.

Article 3 - "The Congress"

At 25th of the month, the members of the Congress are elected in-game; from 06:00 (eRep Time) of the 26th the new Congressmen are enabled to use the administration tools in-game and in Forums.
The subdivision of the Congress Forum in sections and their organization is trusted to Internal Regulations written by the President of the Congress in office.
At 29th of the month, the Congressmen-elect a President of the Congress among them; the candidates can propose himself until the 23:59 (Italian Time) at 28th in a dedicated topic in Forum.
The President of the Congress receives moderation powers on Congress and has the task to guard on its good running; it can, at will, nominate a vice: this will have equal powers in Forum and it will substitute it in case of absence. The access to Forum and Chat as President of the Congress are granted at 30th of the month and lifted as the next President of the Congress is chosen; between 26th and 30th the President of the Congress keeps its moderator role and guards for the election of his successor and for the access giving; it can't, nevertheless, change the Regulations of the Congress or dispose other law innovations.
The Congress Chat Channel is #congresso-it on Rizon; the Congressman that will request the access in the dedicated topic in Forum will have voice access; the President of the Congress will have SOP; the vice president will have AOP; the Italian President and other incidental authorized members of the Government will have the voice. The Channel will be public with moderation, but the access can be reserved only for Congressmen to discuss classified matters. In case of problems with Forum, the Channel of the Congress will substitute it. The President of the Congress has the faculty to give access to Channel #congresso-it regularly elected Congressmen that didn't request by their own access in the ways described by previous commas.

Article 4 - "Esercito eItaliano"

The eItalian Army is at the command of Italian President who outlines the military strategies and delegates its management to the Chief of the Army (CotA); CotA nominates vice CotA and members of the Head Quarter (HQ).
Whenever the CotA leaves his office or is lifted by the President during his term, the vice CotA substitutes him until the eItalian President provides to nominate a new CotA.
The subdivision of IA in Departments, Armies and Brigades are trusted to an Internal Regulations wrote and modified by the CotA in office. The Orgs and companies managed by IA are public properties and their management is regulated by Articles 5 and 6.
The chat Channel of war of IA are secret and protected.
The access and the distribution of moderation levels in Military Channels are decided by the CotA.

Article 5 - "Public Properties"

The Italian State can have Org and companies.
The complete and updated list of public Org and companies must be posted in Congress by the Italian President in office for every variation of Public Properties.
The management of Public Properties is trusted to the Government and, in particular cases, to the Congress, they can demand this office to other Public Institutions.
The products of the national companies can be freely used by bodies encharged of their management to persecute public purposes.
Incidental subtraction of public properties must be immediately reported to the Admins in-game, via ticket.

Article 6 - "Public Money"

The incoming from the drawing of taxes and tolls are managed by the Government that receives them from Congress, consistently to budget and incidental come needs, through a donation in-game to the ORG "National Italy" or to other exclusively available for the Italian State.
The receipts from national companies can be reinvested in companies or used to persecute public purposes.
incidental subtraction of public money must be immediately reported to the Admins in-game, via ticket.

Temporary and final dispositions

I - "Communication media"

All the official chat channels are hosted on Rizon.
The address of the Forum of the Italian Community is

II - "Temporary dispositions"

With the come into force of this Constitution, the previous effective Constitution is abrogated.
Likewise, all Regulations and Charters that haven't been reconfirmed as Internal Regulations, where possible, by who has the power to do it, are intended as abrogated.

III - "Modification to Constitution"

The Congress has the right to modify the Constitution with a 24h voting that is come before by a 24h discussion in Forum. The voting requires the constitutive quorum of the 80% of in-game elected congressmen, with a minimum of 17, and the deliberative quorum of 66% of voters. The value of the 80% is calculated on the number of regular in-game elected congressmen at 26 of the month, 06:00 (eRep Time); incidental resigned and banned congressmen during their office are anyway counted for calculation of constitutive quorum.

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