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Icon position country president.gif A President is an elected leader that should embody “the spirit of the nation” for the nation itself and the world.

Having the role of chief public representative includes personifying the continuity and legitimacy of the state and exercising the political powers, functions, and duties granted to you.


Citizen need to be a presidential candidate to be eligible for the Presidential elections. What do they have to do for that ?

  1. Unlock the presidential feature by reaching experience level 18.
  2. Be a party member.
  3. Be endorsed by their party president.

Once they have completed all three requirements for becoming a candidate, they will also need to win the election in order to become the next country president.

When do elections take place?

On the 5th of each month, the presidential elections take place in the New World. Citizens will have to access the voting polls in order to see the list of the 5 candidates from their country.

Presidential powers

Laws the country presidents are able to propose
The President can set up the campaign of the day, assign (and remove) a citizen to one of the country titles and propose an unlimited number of laws.

The laws that the president can propose are the following:

Icon welcome.gif
  • New citizen message
    Every new citizen will receive this message, which contains useful information that will help them get started.
Icon political accept default.png
  • Mutual protection pact
    Propose a military treaty with another country. Signing and maintaining a mutual protection pact costs 10000 currency each month.
Icon naturalenemy.gif
  • Natural enemy
    Natural enemy is a law that can be used to define the most hated enemy of your country. Every country can have only one natural enemy chosen at one time. Both the Congress and the president can propose it.
  • Declare war
    Declaring a war costs at least Icon - Gold.gif 200 GOLD, but the attacking country's number of citizens affect the final cost. When a war is declared, the president can decide to attack the country.
  • Airstrike
    Presidents can propose an attack on a non-neighbourhood country.
Icon peace.png
  • Propose peace
    Presidents can propose peace to end a war between two nations.
Icon embargo.gif
  • Trade embargo
    Propose trade embargo with another country. If the vote passes, the two countries are unable to trade with each other for 30 days thus making export licenses useless.
Icon political propose default.gif
  • Resource concession
    Propose this law to increase the production bonus or to supplement the country income by renting regions.
  • Leave alliance
    If a country is a member of an alliance, the country president can propose the law to leave it, which will then be sent to Congress for voting. For this law to be considered accepted it needs 66% of the votes.
  • Change alliance leader
    If a country is a member of an alliance, the president can propose the law to change its leader, which will be sent to presidents for voting and only they, along with the alliance leader, can see it and vote on it.

Laws that can be proposed by

President: New citizen message · MPP · Declare war · Airstrike · Propose peace · Trade embargo · Resource concession · Leave alliance · Change alliance leader
Congress: Country donations · Minimum wage · President impeachment · Issue money · Change taxes · Accepting citizenship
Either President or Congress: Natural enemy
Dictator: Any of the above Laws except New citizen message and President impeachment

Under dictatorship

Main article: Dictatorship

If there is a dictator on power in the country, both the President and Congress members don’t officially lose their positions, but they are powerless as long as the Dictator is ruling the country. The congressmen and the President cannot propose or vote any laws.

Important notes

  • When the country is wiped, meaning it has no regions, the only laws the president can propose are New citizen message, Mutual protection pacts and Trade embargoes.
  • The alliance-related laws are available only at the alliance page. They can be proposed regardless if the country has regions or not.
  • The president is able to move freely anywhere in the world.
  • If it is considered that presidents are no longer wanted as the living national symbol of the state, they risk Impeachment.
  • President cannot run for Congress elections.

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