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The Federalist Outreach Program (FOP) is a program created by the Federalist Party to help keep everyone in the party informed about party affairs, decisions, and needs.


The system had many parts. There was one director and director assistant. The first layer of organization was a number of districts, each with a representative. After that there were the precincts within each district, each with a captain. After that were all party members. This system made full use of AndraX2000's Weapon of Mass Distribution for sending the messages, and party forums to create visible accountability. This program was originally created by wingfield, and has gone under a massive change, organized by former director citizenslave and run by directer Djazheer. Other staff members included Assistant Director ibnroshed2, and 9 District Representatives. There were many Precinct Captains, too numerous to name. Since the Federalist Party's emergence as a top 5 political party, FOP become unworkable; built for a much smaller party.


New FOP was spearheaded by Greene12 and his assistant Jeremyr. The new was summed up with two tools that were in use: Google Docs and eRepublik API. Advantages: lower staffing requirements, smaller total party list, greater flexibility, easier to maintain control of, and simplified. The smaller party list is generated by utilizing the API, this also helps keep staffing requirements to a minimum. A smaller staff means great flexibility. New FOP's simplified staffing system makes the entity easier to control. Disadvantages: losing the District Representative position. However the DR position has grown unnecessary and in the name of efficiency had to go. With New FOP in place the Federalist Party plans to remain the best organized and most active party on the USA political scene.