Irish Freedom Party

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Irish Freedom Party

Party-Irish Freedom Party.png‎
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IFP
Forum [1]
Colors Green, White, Orange
Founded December 2007
President IrishGawain
Members 49
Congress Occupancy 8/40 seats, 20%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Irish Freedom Party was a political party in Ireland. At one time IFP was a successful political party in Ireland. On December 7, 2010 the party was dissolved when Ireland was completely taken over by the UK. As a result Ireland lost all of her parties. Since then, new parties have been created.

IFP Party Mission


The IFP seek to uphold basic human rights, to make sure everyone in eIreland has a good standard of living, and is able to preserve themselves without the need of government handouts.


The IFP believe in the power of capitalism and that a free market economy will more efficiently produce and distribute goods. We believe the citizen fee and minimum wage should set at a fair level to sustain new citizens until they reach level 6. We would strive to keeping taxes as low as possible while balancing the countries spending. The government should be accountable and produce a budget every month and stick to it. There should be transparency in government spending except for areas sensitive to national security.

The IFP works to Promote Irish Business and is dedicate to supporting new Entrepreneurs. We believe in the buy Irish first programs. Government intervention in business should be kept to a minimum and Freedom of choices should exist in the market. The government should assist business by providing loans to start and upgrade business. They should also provide data on business conditions around the world to give Irish companies a competitive advantage. Business should also be encouraged to start in only two strategic regions to minimize disturbances in case country is invaded.

It is the government’s job to control inflation by policy implementation. Government decisions should be made that do not dramatically increase or decrease the workforce and provide steady battles. The government should also monitor the amount of companies in each sector at each quality level to make sure there is enough completion and not an over saturation in the market place. Nationalization of companies should be used in absolutely essential cases only. The government should monitor competition and impose sanctions on any companies engaged in price fixing.

State companies should be run at full capacity, and used to provide jobs to the newest citizen in times when private companies are not hiring them. State companies should also be used to provide cross training to citizens in skills the private sector is not offering, to ensure the country has the right amount of skills. Private business should never have to compete against public enterprises. The products of state companies should be offered at a discount to new citizens.

To avoid large economic sways and create stability in the business cycle any changes to the tax system should be studied first to understand the effect and impact on industrial sector and citizens. We believe in balanced income tax verse Vat tax. Import taxes should be set to prevent foreign companies from dumping on the Irish market and driving domestic companies out of business. Import taxes should also be kept low for raw materials we can not produce and regulated for all other products to provide a strong market.

We believe in a fixed exchange rate in the monetary market. The state bank should maintain adequate reserves, tied to GDP, to fend off any attacks on our currency. Some of the national reserves should be earning interest in low risk investments instead of just sitting in the banks account.







Members of Congress

Irish Freedom Party members of congress as of May 5th, 2010


Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party Presidents of 2012/2013 Percentage according to .com
15 January 2012 Lord Atvar 54.55%
15 February 2012 Ronan Donovan Uncontested
15 March 2012 moomoohead 80.00%
15 April 2012 Bryan O'Shea 86.67%
15 May 2012 Padraic 57.89%
15 June 2012 Ronisu 62.07%
15 July 2012 Ronisu Uncontested
15 August 2012 Ronsiu 55.96%
15 September 2012 moomoohead 52.94%
15 October 2012 moomoohead Returned^2
15 November 2012 IrishGawain 76.00%

Congressional Election Results of 2012/2013

Month Congressional Seats Percentage according to .com
April 2012 7 13.30%
May 2012 8 19.03%
June 2012 8 23.11%
July 2012 11 24.89%
August 2012 6 17.44%
September 2012 6 14.85%
October 2012 8 20.00%
November 2012 0 0%
December 2012 0 0%
January 2013 0 0%
February 2013 0 0%
March 2013 0 0%



Largest party in Ireland

On the 9th of Janurary 2010 the Irish Freedom Party became the largest party in Ireland, overtaking long-time leaders the Irish Union Party.