Operation Leaven Elimination

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Operation Leaven Elimination
Map of Operation Leaven Elimination
Date April 14, 2011 –
April 18, 2011
Location Middle East
Territorial Changes Abu Dhabi
Fights N/A
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg United Arab Emirates
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey

Operation Leaven Elimination (Hebrew:מבצע ביעור חמץ, Mivtsa Bi'Ur Hamets; Arabic:عملية القضاء الخميرة, Amliah al-Kasla al-Hamirah), a.k.a. Leaven Elimination War, was an operation started by Israel to take over the regions of the United Arab Emirates on April 14, 2011. The operation was concluded on April 18, 2011.

Israel would briefly take possession of Abu Dhabi, but ultimately the UAE were able to thwart the Israeli offensive after three days of fighting.

Though the primary belligerents were non-allied, the conflict did represent one of the many clashes between ONE-aligned countries and joint EDEN/Terra-aligned nations, though primarily through Mutual Protection Pacts. As such it is often considered to be a minor action in World War V, and one of the few conflicts during the global war that occurred in the Middle-East.

Involved Countries

Main Involved Countries

Allied Countries