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Population in Portugal. You can see that in May, Portugal population rise!

In November 2007 only 2 people were born. They were the first Portuguese citizens to be born. First krostyf and then OricardoEgay.

The population of Portugal was relatively high in the beginning but it soon lost his place as one of the most populated countries. Reasons for this was probably the high unemployment and alot of disputes in politics. Also we had some times where some Presidents decided that they couldn't fulfill his duty because of real life stuff and this obviously delayed our country economically which lead to a loss of population.

But when Alister won the elections of May, Portugal changed. His politics in helped Portugal grow in all aspects. Especially Economy and Population. Alister advised the older users to help the new users in an attempt to attract more people. Also he created a text that could be copy pasted and spammed in several Portuguese forums. This attracted a lot of users. To help attracting more people and to help those new users to understand this game, DrogbaPT made a simple but good tutorial in Portuguese in PowerPoint. After that DomiBoss created a amazing video and a Manual of War which is a great article (admin mentioned it in Erepublik Insider as a good article). All of this helped the Portugal population grow but still away from the superpowers like Spain or Indonesia.

After a growth the population it had a fall but this fall was mainly due to the death of fakes accounts as in Portugal fake accounts are easily detected and are kinda ineffective.

On the 13th of August of 2008 we are more than 1000. This is good news because now we will have much more goods available because of this new workforce.

2012 Leap

As the years passed much as changed in the portuguese population numbers. Currently there are 3485 citizens: [1]

From the early years where just two citizens played the game much as changed, and the population nowadays has some minorities living in Portugal from some allies and enemies that try to help or to difficult the stability of the country. In 2011 there was a invasion of several Serbian that came to Portugal to try to Takeover the country congress, through some dissident portuguese citizens not pleased with the elected Government, the goal was clear, to allow Serbian citizens to empower that minority of portuguese citizens and to seize control over the country and to remove Portugal from EDEN and make it part of former ONE.

The Coup d'etat was avoided when the loyalists joined forces and decided to block all of the 5 top portuguese parties, removing the serbs and the dissident citizens from any public office job and institution, including Congress that prevented any citizenships to be given without the consent of the Citizenship Comittee.

Even though in 2011, Portugal had an Empire where Venezuela was annexed, nowadays the country faces to their population new challenges from having their country wiped from the invasion from Spain. None the less the population still believes in a single goal: Freedom!

To this day they keep fighting to keep their land and sovereignity.


Corrupt ex-President

Portugal had once an episode of corruption (estimated date is end of December 2007) sometime reffered as krostyfgate. The President krostyf stole GOLD from the Portugal accounts. The amount of it is undetermined (it's suspected he stole over Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD - said some players who were in that time - euphonix even said he stole Icon - Gold.gif 400 GOLD). Reasons for this corruption it's due to the end of his presidential mandate and probably because he knew he wouldn't be elected again.

PHuSiOn9 said that he gave back the stolen GOLD trough "Exchange Money" (it's not really "give back" since he gain PTE but at least Portugal recovered the most valuable currency in the game.

Portugal is trying to make a Constitution to avoid this situation again. This is a very delicate situation that shouldn't be forgotten and should be discussed by all countries to prevent this.

Some quotes from the people that were present in that time (please note that some informations aren't real because at that time they were a lot of political tension - this is just a collection of some phrases said by the older people):

 The problem is not even krostyf because judging for his comments he wasn't on the day that the GOLD was missing... krostyf was just a puppet of PHuSiOn9. 
 It's important to know where is the GOLD and who owns what to the state.
Or else... KROSTYFGATE!!!!
 Maybe if you haven't treated so badly the boy he wouldn't have stolen... 
 Poor guy, just because he was badly treated he has an excuse to swindle... 

Flag of Portugal

We know that the Flag of Portugal means something in real life. Here I pretend to tell you what does the Flag of Portugal represents in real life and what represents in Erepublik :) (please note that the Erepublik meaning is my opinion and may not represent the same to all Portuguese).

Object Real meaning Erepublik meaning
Red Stripe Represents the courage and the blood of the dead Portuguese soldiers

who died in battle

Represents the courage of the Portuguese people and the wars

that Portugal may face

Green Stripe Represents the hope Represents the faith that every citizen of Portugal gives to his


Blue Shields The blue shields represent the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques,

because of the victory over five Moorish kings.

It represents the five top political parties and their importance to

the prosperity of Portugal

The Seven Castles The seven castles symbolizes the fortified areas that the Afonso Henriques conquered from the Moorish. The seven castles symbolizes the seven regions that Portugal had originally.
Armillary Sphere It represents Prince Henry the Navigator, who initiated the maritime

exploration that led to Portugal's one time colonial empire.

It represents all the Portuguese people around the Erepublik world

Portugal's Anthem

Portugal's Anthem is only available in Portuguese. This is a version adapted to Erepublik and this isn't the real Portuguese Anthem.

Hino Nacional de Portugal

Portuguese people singing Portugal's Anthem
Portugal's Anthem lyrics

Heróis do alho, nobre Phurer,
Nação valente, imortal.
Levantai hoje de novo,
O tremoço de Portugal!

Entre os gifts do Porto,
Até às armas de Lisboa!
Daremos tudo por tudo,
Para ter um Portugal Super Potência,

Sobre tudo e sobre todos,
Nunca ninguém nos irá calar,

Contra os yankis, alhar, alhar!

Interesting Articles

Here it will be posted some interesting articles that have been forgotten or never seen by some people and that are funny. Some may not have translation and maybe in the future a translation to English is possible (titles will be put in English even it it isn't in the original article in English). This list is still under construction as it is hard to find some articles but we will keep this updated.

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