Revolutionary Party

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Revolutionary Party

Default party logo.gif
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Forum [1]
Colors Red, White, Blue
Founded Day 1,300 (June 12th 2011)
President Astraeus II
Vice President Katawata
Members 16
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Political Party

Formation of the Party and views

The Revolutionary Party (RP) was founded by Cody Caine on day 1,300 of the New World.

The party believes in listening to new players no mater how long they've been playing. These fundamental beliefs don't keep new players from reaching their full potential. Because of these beliefs the party has no official platform, and every member is allowed their own opinion.

Congressional members

November 2011

In November of 2011, MollyJo Caine of the Revolutionary Party ran under the American Military Party and became the first Revolutionary congress-member. This marked an amazing start for the party and gave them plenty of ability to continue to grow and expand.

December 2011

The following month, December of 2011, the Revolutionary Party ran three of their members for congress. Kooguy in the Libertarian Party, Lancer450 in the American Military Party, and Ninjah in the Federalist Party. As the elections came to an end, the Revolutionary Party would make it's name as being the only 6th party to have 2 congress-members for that time-span. Lancer450 in Oregon, and Kooguy in Wisconsin. Ninjah failed out in New Hampshire.

Third Congress Member

On December 28th of 2011, jkli5 formerly of the New Conservative Party, switched to the Revolutionary Party and was inducted as the third congress-member in the month of December.

January 2012

Blowback with NCP

After jkli5 changed parties Pizza the hut began to threaten at recruiting members of the Revolutionary Party in a misunderstanding.

Party Information

Party President

There was a change in the rules to become a party president in which you had to be an active member of the party for at least 1 month following an election mistrust issue with the elections the month before. Molly Jo was elected to hold the position of party president by a primary council being the eldest member of the election. The attitude off the council is what brought the new rule into place as they all felt there should be requirements.

Party Presidents

President Name Date began Date ended
Cody Caine June 12th July 15th
SMF93 July 16th August 15th
Molly Jo Caine August 16th September 15th
Sora Storm September 16th October 15th
warwound4 (von Kleist) October 16th November 15th
Kooguy November 16th December 15th
Cody Caine December 16th January 15th
Molly Jo Caine January 16th

Other Memorable Positions

Vice President - Kooguy

Writer and Wiki manager - Ninjah

Campaign Manager - Lancer450

Head of the Academy - Robert Grosseteste