Slovenia-Croatia War

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Slovenia-Croatia War
Map of Slovenia-Croatia War
Date November 1, 2009 - –
December 31, 2009
Location Croatia and Slovenia
Result Slovenia was conquered
Fights 106049
Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia
Additional allies in defense:
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia
Icon-Russia.png Russia
In most battles:
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
Icon-Poland.png Poland
Icon-Romania.png Romania
Icon-Spain.png Spain
Icon-Canada.png Canada
Icon-USA.png USA
Icon-Greece.png Greece
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden
Icon-Finland.png Finland
Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia
Additional allies in attack:
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea
Icon-Peru.png Peru
Icon-Australia.png Australia

Slovenia-Croatia War started when Slovenia attacked Croatian region Lika and Gorski Kotar on November 1, 2009. Slovenia continue to attack for almost two months when suddenly on December 29 Croatia started counter-offense and in two days completely conquered Slovenia.


There were total of 15 battles, 8 of them started by Slovenia and 7 of them started by Croatia. First battle was probably a Slovenian training war as they didn't had real chance against Croatia and its 13 allies. Slovenia than continue training and all together attacked 6 times Lika and Gorski Kotar and two times Istria and Kvarner. On December 29 Croatia started a great offensive and attacked all 6 Slovenian regions and all attacks were successful except First battle for Prekmurje in which President of Croatia retreated from the battlefield.


Slovenian heroes:

Croatian heroes: