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Lonestar' pages

According to the eRepublik Wiki, I made my first edit here on the 6th September back in 2009. Currently, I am a Forum Moderator and a Game Moderator, which allows me to edit anything ingame, I can also lock topics on the forums, ban users ingame and on the forums and bring them back. Here on the wiki I am focusing on my own pages, translating things from English to Swedish and also my "Swedish Translation" project were I am trying to get more Swedes to join the wiki and translate pages from English to Swedish.

In Game I am currently the Swedish Minister of Defence and also a two times exPresident of Sweden, before that I have served both in EDEN HQ as well as a handfull of other government positions. You could say that I am in love with eRepublik and that I spend to much time and energy on it, but I would rather say that I am in love with the community and the players and that I love spending time with them.

Citizen Page - Dio Makso

This user page template was taken from Mikhail Alexander, I noticed it on his userprofile and thought it was very awesome, I hope he doesn't mind.