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Dank Memes

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 143
Date of birth October 8th, 2009
Residence Punjab
Sex Male
Political party Socialist Freedom Party
Faith Dioism
6 Term Congressman of Ireland
4 Term Congressman of USA
10 Term Congressman of Pakistan
5 Term President of Pakistan
Military unit United States Armed Forces
Position Member
Rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*

Dank Memes (688 –) (formerly known as Ariovistus, Daineal Mac Carthaigh, Dio Eraclea, Acetylene, Kusuri Uri, Dio Luciferi and Hoozuki) is a notable citizen, Commanding Officer, and congress member in Ireland. He has also spent equal time in the United States and has served as a congressman, and was Lt. General of the Special Forces. He is best known as a fighter, having largely gained praise not for writing and politics.

Prerecorded History

Dio Luciferi came into being under mysterious circumstances in what is believed to have been Aachenheim, France. Upon puberty and a coming winter, he led a quick life on the run from Spanish Forces, neither joining the Military nor accepting their incursions. For he was a child of the sand, and as such he was a primary target for the Spanish Guerillas. All that is known was his capture, live cremation, and his faith in the God Emperor was everlasting. By the process of his death he was transformed into a golden sandy crystalis, and this was his tomb for several moons on Za Warudo. His body changed hands several times, as most believed him an object of some worth to be bartered. West to the Americas he was traveled and from the crystalis he projected images of his will, sometimes amusingly taking ghostly forms of real men in the local area.

He was packaged to Ireland, and back again, eventually making a return trip under a mill workers arm. The careless mill worker, sat to eat his lunch one day when the crystalis was nudged into gear workings, from them out poured sands. Unbenounced to the laborers and far out of sight of his previous owner, he took shape as does sand empowered by the sheer love of the God Emperor. Here was his new home a land of emerald fields and a quixotic peace.

Irish Annal (688-1238)

He was taken in at a hostel, in Dublin, Ireland and named Daniel [or a close approximation of that name]. From here he joined the Military Force of the Country, and took on qualities of a decent Soldier very rapidly. He rose from Chief of Guard in his Reserves division to one day Commanding the best Ireland could muster in the Na Fianna. He made many friends here Mr aNiallator, Grainne, Donovan, castaneda, Bockson, Kolshire, Nithraldur, and well wisher Edana amongst others. His Military career tossed him around the globe, China, Norway, South Africa, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Sol War-games. He was a semi-successful Politician and was admired for helping others reach that goal. His actions in the country tended to influence the more academic amongst Ireland in his later days. However, in summer the next year he circumed to an illness know as clickan's disease. By the time the illness had lifted the forces bent on ruin had begun their first attempts at power.

And slowly they did gain power their main objectives being theft and the destruction of the Military. These events lead quickly to a successful invasion by the United Kingdom, and the country was thus crushed entirely due to some chicken gaems. This further emboldened the forces of ruination, and they seemingly controlled much of the later history of his time whilst in Ireland. He attempted one last thing during his days there, he ran for Country President. While he did not succeed he was a successor, here he tried his utmost to appease the enemy faction, but they disobeyed any authority they themselves were not privileged to hold. He left office rather unaffected by the mess he knew no one could rout, so a seed was planted to join the growing throngs of his Countrymen that were fleeing to the four corners of Za Warudo. With little communication or clarification of his post he self-stylized himself as Ambassador to the United States, this is when he met President Emerick, and he did leave.

American Annal (1238-1724)

Once in America, possibly due to circumstance, perhaps due to his Military record, he was immediate recruitment-bait. During his days here mostly, he went under the pseudonym Ariovistus. The USA was undergoing stresses unforgettably similar to that of Ireland, of which he was blissfully unaware of when he joined the Special Forces. Here he met a lot of people, from many Nations and backgrounds in Za Warudo. To keep it short he met and learned to work with Special Forces Leadership such as xDavidx, Kell Draygo, Liquid Oxygen, Joe DaSmoe, TTi09, enderaggie, Pdeb, Gnilraps, s0beit, and memorable others of course. He was vaulted almost immediately as a Captain and would later go on to be an Executive Officer for the entire Branch. The USA was under invasion rapidly at the time with endless viscosity of what became World War V.

He helped win two Resistance Wars, twice as many as in his success in Dublin, but WW5 was quite a Global War. He concentrated much of his capabilities on warfare during much of his time in the United States, and eventually sought retirement. He also traveled to Ireland periodically during his retired days, and drank a lot of the booze on boating tours. Around this time he also began to widen his understanding of the noteworthy Politics of the country. It is believed that due to his Military background and activity level he was an assumed Candidate at all times, but he only went on to carry Congressional seats for the nation in whole. While in the Political world he served as a Lower member of the Congress, he was none-the-less part of Leadership in many areas. This was due to his later days being of a great focus on the Historical matters of Za Warudo and the teachings of Dioism. Dioism was the official eReligion of the USA having been announced by then President Woxan on Day 880. He promptly joined the Stardust Crusaders of the USA, at the behest of The Libertine, when it was established by Athanaric amongst others. The Party waned and was almost completely abandoned, and he almost completely relied upon the continued teachings of Publius, GLaDOS, and Dishmcds.

Pakistani Annals (1724- 2861)

Then all became clear, and again wayward he went. To the Holy Empire of Pakistan he traveled, to be in the sand, to be the littlest sand, to tame Shai-hulud, to order Mickey D's forever and ever.