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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 15
Date of birth October 8th, 2009
Residence Kanto
Sex Male
Political party Jinmin Sensen
Faith Dioism
6 Term Congressman of Ireland
4 Term Congressman of USA
11 Term Congressman of Pakistan
1 Term Congressman of Japan
5 Term President of Pakistan
Military unit Jiyuu Nippon Gun
Position Captain
Rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**

Hakutaku (688 –) is a notable citizen of Ireland, United States, Pakistan, and Japan.

Prerecorded History

Hakutaku first found the game in December 2008 and he bounce around from one account to another until he finally ended up with this one in October 2009.

Time in Ireland (688-1238)

Hakuatku was born here on Day 688 of the New World. He was active politically but more so Militarially where he Commanded the Na Fianna, the special 'Tank' Branch of the Irish Defence Forces. However in a power grab the IDF was surmounted by the newly formed Irish Army, which lead to his travel to the USA.

Time in America (1238-1724)

Again he was primarily active in the Military here reaching a leadership postion in the Special Forces, the 'Tank' Division in the Newly formed United States Armed Forces. During his stay in the USA he met with Dioist for the first time and was converted here. He soon travelled to Pakistan for this sole purpose.

Time in Pakistan (1724-3058)

Hakutaku was heavily involved in Political aspects of the game here, gaining many Congress medals and serving five times a President. He was even a Dictator for a month, but nothing he did Politically or Militarially could pull the country out of its punishingly small status in the world. During his time here he periodically changed his citizenship, always coming back to Pakistan. However his time in Japan was motivating to him.

Time in Japan (3058-?)

He arrived in Japan and joined a small force that was trying to restore Democratic Principles to the Country.